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Men's Heated Motorcycle Accessories

Harley Davidson Heated Gear

Outdoor rides can get quite chilly, especially at night. That's why you should consider getting some Harley-Davidson heated motorcycle accessories. Our plug-in gear works in conjunction with our battery harness to generate the requisite heat to keep you comfy. This harness is easy to install, and it comes with a 3-year warranty. When you're on the road during a cool night, this harness is sure to keep you warm. It's the perfect complement to H-D jackets and socks.

We also have a heated motorcycle base layer. It is designed with a temperature controller that has three heat panels and corresponding temperature settings to ensure the right warmth for your upper body parts. It just requires a simple connection to the bike's electric system for power.

For riders keen on enhancing their safety, we have a collection of motorcycle heated switches. They let you add style and function to your original hand controls and related equipment. You'll have an easier time riding into the night; these switches have soft white led backlights that illuminate the entire switch icons for reflective visibility. The lighting effect is balanced to subtle levels to ensure minimal distractions at night. It also comes as a package with duo plug-in switches for right and left-hand controls.

If you like cool morning rides or switching on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle during frigid nights, you might want to try our heated bike handle bars. They have thermostat-controlled grips with a heat-setting feature. Besides having a military-grade resistor, they have auto temperature monitoring elements that allow seamless adjustments to ambient temperatures. The motorcycle heated controls category equally has cozy heated grips. The ideal grips have chrome and rubber pad designs that can stay within the constant temperature settings regardless of the surrounding temperatures.