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A Celebration 120 Years in the Making. Watch Now

Motorcycle Helmets

Protect what matters most.  The right motorcycle helmet is the most important gear you own.  Choose from low profile, half face, full face and modular styles.

Motorcycle Helmet Styles
The right helmet depends on your riding style and what kind of riding you do. It's also important to know the motorcyle helmet laws of your state. Helmets are unisex, with color and graphics that appeal to both men and women. 

Half Helmets

The least intrusive helmet with minimal coverage around the face, with optional, removable neck curtains for added warmth.

Open-Face Helmets

Increased coverage for sides of the head and face. Available with or without a face shield.

Full-Face Helmets

Maximum coverage for the head, face and chin. The best option for warmth in cooler weather.

Modular Helmets

Combines benefits of full-face and open-face helmets by offering both open face option and full coverage using flip-up face/chin bar.
helmet fit guide
Motorcycle Helmet Fit & Sizing


  1. Put on the helmet and tighten the chin strap until it's comfortably snug.
    If there’s space between your brow line and the inner lining – or you’re able to roll the helmet forward or off your head – try a smaller size.
  2. Move the helmet from side to side and front to back.
    Your skin and scalp should move as the helmet moves and the helmet should fit as tightly as you can wear comfortably.
  3. Wear the helmet for at least 15 minutes prior to purchase.
    If the helmet becomes uncomfortable, try another size, a different helmet or different shell style. Don’t forget to wear your eyewear while wearing the helmet.
  4. Check your range of vision to the left, right, up and down.
    Once you’ve found a helmet that fits well, check to make sure no part of it obstructs your field of vision.
helmet protection diagram


Our team of product experts have partnered with industry leading helmet manufacturers, who utilize the latest technology in developing cutting-edge helmets that help protect, increase comfort, and enhance the ride.




Not only are we offering top of the line helmets, all H-D® Helmets feature unique and custom H-D® styling with use of key colors, graphics and hardware. All styles of H-D® helmets are available through our dealerships, making it easy to find the helmet that is perfect for you

When to replace helmet info
Motorcycle Helmet Lifespan

When To Replace Your Helmet

Even if a helmet does not appear damaged, it is highly recommended by most motorcycle safety foundations to replace your helmet every 3-5 years.
Interior protective elements, such as helmet liners and EPS structures (impact absorbing layer), deteriorate over time and lose effectiveness in safety, comfort and fit. This is crucual to be aware of becuase you may not physically see this deterioration. 
Any helmet that has been dropped onto a hard surface or shows dents in the shell or fraying of the straps should be replaced immediately.

Motorcycle Helmets for Men and Women

Harley-Davidson provides a a full line of protective, stylish men's motorcycle helmets and women's motorcycle helmets. Our selection of motorcycle helmets includes full-face, modular, half helmets, and open-face helmets. All our helmets are ECE- and DOT-approved and meet applicable helmet safety standards.

Helmets with Style

Helmets come in many colors and some sport popular Harley logos to accessorize Harley outfits or match a particular mood. Some riders might prefer a vintage retro look or an ultramodern powersports helmet in a choice of bold colors. H-D helmets are designed to fit precisely, with extra padding to cushion the head and provides greater comfort. Our helmets are also lightweight to prevent fatigue and many models can be equipped with bluetooth headsets to enable hands-free communication while riding. We also offer helmet accessories like visors, sun shields, face masks and face shield replacements.