Motorcycle BOOM Box  Standard Infotainment System



The BOOM!™ Box 4.3 gives you more volume, more clarity and more richness in a vivid 4.3-inch full-color screen.


Download the latest updates to keep your system operating at peak performance.


BOOM!™ BOX 4.3
Version: | Size: 50.4 MB
Release Date: 10/13/2017
Improves system performance.

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Updates dealer location on maps.
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To verify your system’s current software version, select the following display menu items:
Go to Home > Set-up > System Information Software Version

  1. Use a PC and insert a USB flash drive that is 8GB or larger.
  2. Download the software update on your computer.
  3. When the download is complete, copy the file within the zipped folder to the USB flash drive.
  4. Turn your vehicle's ignition switch to ACCESSORY. (Keyless ignition vehicles: press and hold the trip switch for more than two seconds).
  5. Insert the USB flash drive to the infotainment system's USB port.
  6. The infotainment system will detect the new software available and ask if you want to update. Select “Yes”. The display will prompt you to remove the USB drive when the update is successfully completed.

NOTE: Do not interrupt the installation process. Leave the vehicle and radio turned on, and keep the USB flash drive installed until the installation process is complete. If the incorrect software file for your infotainment system is copied to the USB flash drive, and connected to the infotainment system's USB port, the following error message will result: "The ISO image on the attached USB is corrupt or incompatible". 


The BOOM!™ Box 4.3 is compatible with the latest mobile devices. View our mobile device compatibility guide to see a full list of tested devices.

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Why can I not find any FM channels on my radio?

If unable to find stations during a seek, tune or scan, check the categories that are selected. A filter icon is displayed when categories are set.

Will radio retrofit previous years?

The radio will not retrofit earlier than 2014 models.

Can you connect one phone Bluetooth and one phone USB?

Yes. However, there are some usability differences when connected via Bluetooth vs. USB. Consult your owner’s manual.

Why does my playback pause occasionally?

If you do not have a headset connected to the system, the media / music will pause if there is an incoming call, appointment alert, etc. from your phone.

How do I restore default factory settings on my radio?

Please see your local dealer for assistance to restore your factory settings.

Can I connect 2 phones at one time (husband and wife on bike)?

Yes, multiple Bluetooth devices can be paired with the radio but only one can be actively in use for either phone or streaming audio functions. For example, one device could be active for making phone calls and another active for streaming audio

What features are disabled while riding?

Keyboard entry capability is disabled while the vehicle is in motion.

Squelch & VOX settings - what are they?

Squelch and VOX affect when the radio interrupts playing media and switches to playing CB or Intercom audio, respectively. Squelch sets the range at which the radio receives CB transmissions from other CB users who are on the same channel; if it is set too high you will not be able to hear transmissions from other CB users. If it is set too low you will pick up noise constantly and media audio will never resume playing. VOX is the sensitivity of the intercom to your speech through the headset microphone; if it is set too high, you will have to speak very loudly to activate the intercom. If it is set too low, wind noise and other outside factors will be activate the intercom and media audio will never resume playing

Need Help?

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