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Need help activating H-D™ Connect? Watch the video or check out our step-by-step activation guide.  



Log in to your H-D™ profile to edit, cancel or renew your H-D™ Connect subscription plan. See the FAQs for more information about changing your plan.

Manage your account


Updates for the H-D Connect Software on your bike are pushed directly from the cloud to your bike.

Once updates are ready to install, you will be prompted to initiate the install by performing a key sequence on your bike.

Updates and alerts of when the software updates are available and how to initiate the install will be sent to your H-D App.


What motorcycles are compatible for H-D™ Connect service?

The H-D™ Connect service is available on the 2020 LiveWire™ motorcycle.

A H-D™ Connect subscription can only be applied to one VIN or bike. You cannot use the same subscription for multiple bikes.


What features do you get with an H-D™ Connect subscription?

Your H-D™ Connect subscription provides convenience and peace of mind by allowing you to connect remotely to your motorcycle, right from your mobile phone. With your subscription you will be able to view key vehicle health information, including security notifications, stolen vehicle tracking, a charge station location finder for EV motorcycles, maintenance reminders, and more to maximize your pre and post ride experience. Visit  h-d.com/connect for more details.

What happens if I sell my H-D™ Connect capable bike?

If you sell your H-D™ Connect compatible bike and have an active subscription, log in to your profile on www.harley-davidson.com and select to cancel your subscription. You will receive a pro-rated refund for unused time on your previously paid portion of the subscription.

If you do not cancel your subscription, you will be responsible for subscription payments after you have sold your vehicle if you have not informed us of its sale. For more information visit our Terms of Use page.

How does the auto-renew process for my H-D™ Connect subscription work?

To ensure a premium and uninterrupted service, you will be enrolled in auto-renew during the sign up/subscription process. This means that after the first year free period (on new bikes) has been completed, you will be automatically billed for the following year. However, after you complete the subscription process, you are able to opt-out of auto-renew by logging in to your profile on www.harley-davidson.com.

I didn't purchase an H-D™ Connect subscription when I bought my bike. How can I purchase the subscription now?

If you own an H-D™ Connect compatible motorcycle, you may subscribe at anytime. Visit h-d.com/connect to subscribe today.

How do I update my billing address or payment information?

You can update your billing and payment information by logging into your profile on www.Harley-Davidson.com.

How do I report my bike as stolen?

Open the Harley-Davidson mobile app, and select your H-D™ Connect compatible bike. From the Bike Status page, scroll down to the Bike Security section and select (Report Bike as Stolen), you will then be asked to confirm stolen, and to confirm your identity by re-entering your username and password.

Upon reporting your bike as stolen in the mobile app, you are now able to view the location of your bike on a map, and be able to share the location of your bike with others by selecting (Share Location) from the Bike Security section of your mobile app. We advise you to use this functionality to share the location with your local law enforcement.

We advise that you file a stolen police report with your local authorities.

How does H-D™ use the data from my bike?

Vehicle usage data will be collected in order to provide the H-D™ Connect service and personalize and improve H-D™ Connect and any other Harley-Davidson™ products and services, as further detailed in the Harley-Davidson™ Privacy Policy .


My data is not showing in the mobile app, why?

Confirm that your subscription has been completed by visiting the "my subscriptions" section of the H-D™ app.  It is also recommended that you double check the VIN number applied to the subscription matches your bike.

If subscription was completed, did you complete the activation sequence by clicking "start activation" in the mobile app and executing the sequence on the bike? Check in "My Bikes" section of H-D™ App to ensure that the H-D™ Connect Service does not still need activating.

Is your app indicating that data will populate shortly after your next ride? Check in "My Bikes" section of H-D™ App and go for a ride if needed!

Ensure your bike is in an area that has cellular service
Ensure your phone has cellular service or WIFI
Still having issues seeing data? Call customer contact center.
North America (US and Canada) toll free: 866-895-4707
Outside North America: 414-343-4736


How long does a software update for H-D™ Connect take?

The software update process on your vehicle will take approximately 4-7 minutes. During this time your bike will be immobilized.

Can I turn off notifications from the mobile app? I do not want to receive push notifications anymore.

Open your H-D™ mobile application, select your H-D™ Connect bike, then select Bike Settings. From the Bike Settings screen you can select Notification Settings and make adjustments to how we notify you about your bike.

How do I activate H-D™ Connect service?

A: Establish a strong cellular connection on your mobile phone before initiating the activation process. The time needed to activate will vary based on cellular service, but average activation time is expected to take 2 minutes. To activate:

1. Download the Harley-Davidson mobile app and create an account.
2. Log in with account.
3. Add your bike to your profile by VIN or bike year and model.
4. Click on your H-D™ Connect capable bike. Click "Activate H-D™ Connect Service" on your bike's profile. Follow the activation prompts on your screen.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in on www.harley-davidson/connect and go to your profile to cancel.
If additional assistance is needed, call the customer contact center.

North America (US and Canada) toll free: 866-895-4707
Outside North America: 414-343-4736


For questions about the H-D™ Connect service or an existing service subscription, you can call us at:  
North America (US and Canada) toll free: 866-895-4707

Outside North America: 414-343-4736*
* Local charges may apply.
Days and Times Supported:
8am-7pm Monday-Friday CST
Saturdays 8:30am-5pm CST
Languages supported by our customer care representatives *: English, English (UK), English (Australia), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (EU) , French, French (Canadian), German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese.
* H-D uses a third party service to assist in interpretation services, and we will do our best to support calls in any language if able to do so using those services.