Gallery on the lower level of the Museum brings to life the postwar era as H-D responds to competition from abroad with new products, new manufacturing facilities, and attempts to expand into the new youth market.



Harley Davidson's destiny section image

As you meander downstairs to continue your tour, you'll enter another set of galleries which feature some of Harley-Davidson's more recent history.

At the foot of the stairs sits a diorama recreating a window display from a 1951 Harley-Davidson® dealership. Making your way through the galleries, you'll experience some of Harley-Davidson's most successful and most challenging events of recent years – from the launch of the Sportster® model in 1957 to the merger with AMF in 1969.


Not to be missed is the three-screen video that tells the courageous story of all those involved in buying the company back from AMF in order to regain control of Harley-Davidson's destiny.