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Skilled Rider Course-License Waiver

You know what it's like to feel the rumble of a motorcycle. The license waiver course is perfect for riders who are familiar with a motorcycle, are active riders and need to get their motorcycle license. This two day class will teach you advanced riding skills as well as provide approved documentation to get your motorcycle license. This course will sharpen your riding skills and your riding mindset. Successful completion earns the MSF BRC2 card and a license waiver that gets you a motorcycle endorsement on your license at your state DMV.




This version of the Skilled Rider Course is for riders who want to train on their own bike and earn their motorcycle endorsement. The License Waiver Skilled Rider Course is two days long and includes a classroom session designed to sharpen your mental riding skills and a range session to sharpen your physical riding skills. A riding test is included at the conclusion of the range session, riders successfully completing the skills evaluation earn an endorsement waiver and a Motorcycle Safety Foundation completion card.
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Offered at select H-D® dealers, the Skilled Rider Course-License Waiver, provides you with expert guidance from H-D certified coaches, as well as on opportunity to earn your motorcycle endorsement. 
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Now’s the perfect time to get ready for Riding Academy. Get ready for the classroom and range experiences.
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Essential Gear

Having the best experience in class requires appropriate motorcycle gear. Check out what you should bring on day one.

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How much does it cost ?

The H-D®  dealer where you sign up for the course will determine the exact cost.


What will I need to register?

  • A street ready motorcycle
  • Motorcycle endorsement, permit or license (check with the H-D® dealer for details)
  • Proof of valid motorcycle insurance


Do I need any special gear ?

You'll need to bring the following:

  • A heavy, long-sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Jeans, chaps, or leather pants
  • Over-the-ankle, sturdy footwear
  • Full-fingered gloves
  • A helmet that meets DOT requirements
  • Eyewear


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What bike will I ride ?

For the riding portion, you will provide a street-ready motorcycle.

Where can I find a course ?

Get in touch with your local dealer or Search for Classes.