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Unknown Industries

UNKNOWN Industries is a lifestyle brand company that was established in 2005. Based in Northern California, UNKNOWN Industries is a team of dedicated Harley®  motorcycle riders who found a passion for doing stunts on our bikes. Our background comes from motocross but for the past 9 or 10 years, we've been stunt riding Harley-Davidson® motorcycles without stunt modifications done to the bikes. 


Buddy Suttle

"I'VE RIDDEN MOTORCYCLES MY WHOLE LIFE, IT IS MY LIFE," states Buddy Suttle, rider and co-founder of UNKNOWN Industries. Buddy began riding Harleys at age twenty and rides them because as a kid, many of the people he looked up to rode them. Buddy Suttle and Nick Leonetti knew of each other through racing and riding dirt bikes but they had never formally met, until one day they saw each other with some friends out riding their Harley's. 

Buddy followed them to a practice spot and the friendship took off from there. In 2009, Buddy began putting his videos on YouTube under the title "Harley Wheelies." To date, the "Harley Wheelies" video series views are over 2.5 million, and in August of 2013, UNKNOWN released their first movie on DVD, "13th Level."

"We always wanted to do something bigger than what we were doing on our own with riding and with our videos. We haven't changed what we are doing, we've just had the opportunity to get our Harley's involved with a lot more."


Nick Leonetti

Nick Leonetti began riding dirt bikes at the age of 10. His first bike was an RM60. As a teenager, Nick started "UNKNOWN Industries" as a screen printing business and a clothing company with a retail storefront. At the age of twenty, he bought his first Harley- Davidson motorcycle, an FXR, and he began riding Harleys. "Harleys are the baddest bikes, and I wanted something that I could ride on the street," says Nick. Soon after he began riding Harleys, he met Buddy Suttle. They grew up in the same town, rode the same bikes, and had a similar riding style. "The first time Buddy and I met we went for a ride and we've been riding together ever since."


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