The Speed Merchant was started for the passion of motorcycles...of all kinds, and with motivations other than making a profit. Quality, service, and integrity are at the top of our list as well as keeping 100% of our manufacturing in Southern California. No matter where you are, when you use local craftsmen and business it benefits everyone. Developing these relationships creates a cooperative environment, which then translates into a quality product.



Our love for Harley-Davidson motorcycles goes back decades. We are constantly customizing and building H-D branded motorcycles in order to develop more products and push the boundaries of what a custom motorcycle should do. Our builds don’t just look good; they perform as good. We spend countless hours designing, developing and testing new products that work on the track as well as on the street. We have an extensive line of parts that we have developed specifically for the H-D Dyna, FXR and Sportster models.

Our team of Harley Hooligans consists of a crew of riders who are equally as passionate about motorcycles. Chris Wiggins, Alfonso “Fonz” Vasquez, and Jason “Fast J” Klements, can be seen frequently at most of the local Hooligan events, as well as a select few across the country. Mark Felt and co-owner of The Speed Merchant, Brandon Holstein, can be seen attending select events throughout the year.

We believe in the motorcycle community and delivering our best at every opportunity. This is a brand that has developed organically, and taken us by surprise. Now a full-time business, we are juggling the challenge of growth, but refusing to sacrifice our core principals.



With my road racing background, I charged hard onto the Hooligan race scene. It didn’t take long for me to get comfortable in the seat of these 450lbs beasts. It’s rare to find me without a smile on my face. I consider myself a nice guy, but when I’m on the track I’m pushing for the win. In my spare time, I train Jiu Jitsu and help teach kids at my academy. I’m also currently working on an RC51 project that I hope to race in the near future.

Bikes: 2001/1992 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster


Brandon Holstein

I am one of the co-founders of The Speed Merchant. I spend my time wearing many, many hats. I build motorcycles, develop products for the company, travel to shows, post on social, fill orders, manage the team, run the occasional race – all while keeping our brand relevant in the industry.

Bikes: 1997 H-D PBD; Speed Merchant Sportster

I’ve always had a love for race bikes. I don’t have race experience, except for our Hooligan races. But I have always drawn inspiration from racing. Most of the bikes that I build are bare bones. Stripped down to the core of what is needed. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, chances are you won’t find it on one of my bikes – much like a race bike. Less is more. Some of the products that I have developed have been to improve performance. This is where the flat track bug bit…. sometimes the best way to test a product to get out on the track and run it.

Chris Wiggins

I’ve been a member of our Speed Merchant team since the beginning, and have experience in riding all kinds of motorcycles. I’ve raced everything from Supermoto to minibikes, to even the gnarliest Speedway motorcycles. You can say I’m one of the original Hooligan riders. Years ago I would race my 600lb Dyna at Costa Mesa’s Harley Night. Not to brag, but I’ve won plenty of Hooligan races and been on the podium multiple times. I currently work for Vance and Hines, one of the largest exhaust manufacturers.

Bikes: 1996 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster Speedway Jawa; 2016 Harley Davidson XG750


Jason Klements

My teammates say I’m the guy that represents the team with speed and style. I’ve been riding for many years. I’ve even been around Hooligan before it was called Hooligan. I’ve raced my Ironhead at Costa Mesa many, many times, and I have taken first place a handful of times as well. I would call my style of riding fast and smooth.

I run my own motorcycle shop called Fast J’s in Huntington Beach, CA. So as like most of us, I keep a very busy schedule. But I always find the time to get out to the races.

Bikes: Harley-Davidson 1200 Sportster; Bultaco; Harley-Davidson Ironhead; Honda 450


I wear multiple hats with the team. I helped us develop some of our product line, using my skills like 3D since day one.

These days, I help out whenever I can by consulting and helping make sure the team stays focused. You can call me the life of the party when you get me going, and I have a lot of fun stories I can tell. And once you get to know me, you will realize that my stories aren’t false at all.




● 1996 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster



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Unlike my teammates, I'm currently on a break from racing due to a neck injury in Castle Rock last year. Luckily, I'm back to my normal self. I'll always be a part of the team, whether I'm racing or not. On the side, I'm an artist and photographer, and I make it out to the races when I can to snap some shots of the team. When I'm not shooting pics or drawing, you'll find me surfing - and maybe breaking a few hearts.




● 1996 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster



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