Harley-Davidson® Racing

From the street to the strip: see how the new FXDR Pro Stock Motorcycle sprang from a designer’s pen to become a race-winning machine.

Holigan Racing
NHRA Racing

Harley-Davidson Racing

For more than 100 years, Harley-Davidson has been synonymous with excellence in motorcycle racing. 
NHRA Racing

NHRA Racing

Harley-Davidson continues its assault on the quarter mile with two-wheeled rockets designed to test the mettle of both rider and iron.
Flat Track

Flat Track Racing

Flat track racing is booming worldwide. Harley-Davidson's history and dominance in the dirt has become synonymous with the soul of the sport.  And now, the XG750R is poised to extend that legacy.

Hooligan Racing

There's a mentality to Hooligan Racing that should be adopted everywhere: do it for the thrill. No rules, just Harley-Davidson ripping around the track like a true Hooligan.