Four Rides. One Common Journey.

Four Rides.
One Common Journey.

Saddle up and join the pilgrimage to H-D’s motherland. We’re starting in all four corners of the country: San Diego, CA; Seattle, WA; Portland, ME; and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Join the pack wherever it calls to you.

San Diego, California



9 Day Ride, 2286 Miles
Tuesday, August 21 ­– Wednesday, August 29

Roll hard over dry lands and staggering landscapes. With a two-day stop in Kansas City, you get the best of both open range and bustling cities alike. Join in at your leisure. It’s going to be a ride of a lifetime.

Trip Stops

Kickoff Day: Aug 19th, 2018


Get riled up for a ride like no other. Live music, great food, and likeminded riders who will be throwing their woes to the wind.


San Diego H-D
4645 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA

-       172 Mile Ride

Kickoff Night: Aug 20th, 2018


Seattle, Washington


Seattle, Washington

9 Day Ride, 2057 Miles
Monday, August 20 ­– Wednesday, August 29

Cruise through crisp mountain-scapes and experience unforgettable pit stops like Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Wake up to the view of white mountains at Bertooth Lodge, then roll by the rushing waters of Sioux Falls. No matter where you merge in, you'll roll out with a wholte new perspective.

Portland, Maine


Portland, Maine

7 Day Ride, 1399 Miles
Friday, August 23 ­– Wednesday, August 29

Take a ride through time as you rumble through some of the most historic roads in the world. From New York City streets the natural wonders of Cuyahoga Falls to the plant tour in Yoirk, you'll experience the country like never before - always with the comradery of your fellow riders.

FT. Lauderdale, Florida


FT. Lauderdale,

6 Day Ride, 1650 Miles
Friday, August 24 ­– Wednesday, August 29

Tear into the trek that migrates north. With pit stops and overnights in cities like Atlanta, you'll begin to remember why they call this the land of the free. Come ride. There's nowhere to go but up.