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Haley Drury

It’s not every day you see a high school senior ride to school on her very own Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. Haley’s 2010 Heritage Softail® Classic is one sweet ride. But it’s not just the bike that impresses – it’s that she’s already a seasoned rider. 

She joined H.O.G.® as an associate member at age 8. She went to her first rally, the 2004 Vermont/New Hampshire State H.O.G.® Rally, that same year, and has the picture in Hog Tales® magazine to prove it. And today, Haley is an active and respected member of the Champlain Valley Vermont H.O.G.® Chapter.

Just last year she rode at the 2013 H.O.G.® Iron Adventure Run, where she assumed Road Captain duties by riding sweep on the LOH (Ladies of Harley) ride her mom led. Not bad for the event’s official “Youngest Rider” at age 17. Haley’s commitment is also apparent in her academics. She is a top student, considering a number of great colleges, including an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy.

Her affection for Harleys goes back further than she can remember. She was only 2 when she “accidentally” attended Laconia Bike Week. That is, her family booked a vacation in the popular New Hampshire resort town without realizing their visit would coincide with one of the country’s largest motorcycle rallies.

“I don’t remember much about Bike Week,” she says, “but I do remember being able to tell the difference between the sound of a Harley and other bikes at a very early age.”

She also remembers showing everyone in sight the spot on her arm that might one day bear a “Born to Ride” tattoo.

Riding behind Mom and Dad was great, but having her own Harley was always the real goal. After she took a rider safety class and earned her motorcycle license at 16, her dad spotted the perfect 2010 Heritage Softail® for sale after one of her soccer games. It was clear fate had spoken.

“Because I grew up with Harleys, I really can't imagine riding anything else,” she says. “They look cool, sound good, and are wicked fun to ride.”

“And let's face it,” she adds, “it's totally the coolest thing in the school parking lot.”