Lynn Schock

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Lynn Schock

I have enjoyed riding a Harley® for over 30 years, with my first husband Tony and then with my second husband Jim. I was always the passenger, taking in the scenery, letting my hair blow in the wind and looking cool, putting all my trust in my husband. It was fun! 

When Jim bought a beautiful black Road King Custom in 2004, our salesman said, “You get a free H.O.G.® membership with this bike. You should check out the H.O.G.® chapter we have here at the [Mile High Harley-Davidson] dealership. You will meet a lot of people who share your passion for riding.”

Back at the parts counter, we ran into the Mile High Chapter’s Editor, who invited us to come to a meeting. We did, and we were hooked – what a wonderful group of people, so welcoming and excited to have us. I even won one of the door prizes that night. I jumped in right away and started volunteering for everything. I was soon serving as a chapter officer – first as Historian, then as Activities Officer, and now as Assistant Director. Life is good!

I was even inspired by the other women in the chapter to learn to ride my own bike. It wasn’t easy for me, but with the support of my husband and fellow chapter members, I stuck with it and did it. Today I am the proud owner of a 2006 Road King Classic with a custom “wolf” paint job. I swear I didn’t find this bike – it found me!

I want to thank Harley-Davidson, H.O.G.®, and the Mile High Chapter for making this a way of life for me. I look forward to many more years and adventures on the road, and meeting as many H.O.G. members and Harley riders as I can from around the U.S., as well as the world.