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Jody Jones

A couple years ago a man named Anton came from Germany to visit our H.O.G.® chapter in Naples, Florida. He came to a meeting, joined the chapter, then went home – and before you knew it, a bunch of his friends in Germany joined, too. 

Now we have 21 members who all live in Germany. A bunch of them have never even been to the U.S. yet, so I did what I had to do – went to Germany to visit them.

For 11 days I was given the adventure of my life. I was greeted at the airport like a rock star, then taken to a party where I was given a Dirndl, a traditional dress worn by women in Germany. The party didn’t stop until around midnight when I was just plain worn out after being up 32 hours straight. My visit included a week of riding on a 2007 Softail® Custom, highlighted by a ride to the Magic Bike Fest, a H.O.G.® rally in Rudesheim.

We rode through forests and villages along the Rhine River, then got on a ferry which took us over to France to ride the other side of the Rhine, then back again to Germany at Rudesheim and the Magic Bike Fest. What a sight! Harley-Davidson banners and flags atop the castles, with people and motorcycles everywhere. It was all so incredibly exhilarating!

After the rally, my visit continued with day tours along the Mosel River, stopping to eat the grand desserts and drink coffee, then off to ride the winding roads along still another river, the Neckar. It all was breathtaking, with castle after castle atop the mountains. All of this was spectacular, and I was in awe – my senses on overload. Then a friend, Tee, who was traveling in Europe for the summer, arrived in Frankfurt, rented a bike, and joined me. We rode kilometer after kilometer of windy, twisty roads that make the Tail of the Dragon pale in comparison. It was so much fun to have a friend from home to be within Germany. The sun was out wherever I was, and my smile could not have been wider.

The time came for it all to end and it did – with a going away barbecue and final farewell. It was truly sad for me to say goodbye, but with the new “family” I now have there will be more adventures. H.O.G.® really is a wonderful organization with some pretty amazing people in it. We truly are one world.