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There are as many reasons to become a rider as there are riders on the road. And at times, the inspiration to ride comes from the most surprising of places. Through a pair of Harley-Davidson® riding gloves, Doug Schwandt of Columbia, Missouri discovered his inspiration to ride.

On Father’s Day 2003, the gift of Harley-Davidson® riding gloves from his son, Nick, drove Doug’s passion for riding. At the time, he didn’t even own a Harley. A few months later, Doug was the owner of a new 2003 Road King® Classic.

Today Doug rides a 2012 Street Gide. Better still, Nick also now rides his own Street Glide. Last summer they took their first big ride together: an eight-day, 3,200-mile trip of a lifetime.

“I have always credited Nick for making me a Harley rider,” Doug says, “because those gloves gave me the push I needed to join the Harley family. Just the sight and feel of them make me smile and want to keep riding.”