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Beulah Mae

There are people who cling to their comfort zones. Who keep to themselves and don’t push the bar. Beulah Mae isn’t one of them. Christine Edwards (Beulah Mae to those who know her) can’t help but think outside the box. It’s in her blood – and it’s why riding came so naturally to her. 

She had barely cracked 1,000 miles when she sent in her $100 Ride to H.O.G.® magazine, but her passion for the open road stood out.

She’s been a housewife since she was 19. A bass player in her husband’s band. A burlesque dancer for five years. And now she’s riding hard on a 2012 Iron 883.

“I’m not sure how the riding bug bit me,” she says. “It looked fun – daring. Ever since I was young I’ve always traveled a lot. I figured, why not on a motorcycle?”

Although Beulah’s husband, Mike, was going through chemotherapy back in 2013 (he’s made a full recovery since), he knew it was time for Beulah to get a bike.

“He was home for about 8 months, and I think he felt bad because he wasn’t able to get out and do all the stuff we used to do together. He knew I wanted a motorcycle…so it was my Valentine’s present! Right in the middle of his chemo.”

She started exploring the roads around the small town outside of LA where she lives with her husband and kids.

“There’s a lot of cool riding around here. Good roads to get your bearings on. Twists, hills – it’s all so beautiful. I can get up on the mountains and see the marine air coming in from the ocean.

She kept riding, making her way onto the freeway and learning the ins and outs of her bike. In part, it was to get her ready for Babes Ride Out – a ladies-only ride to Borrego Springs, CA.

“I tried to ride everything I could to figure out my limits. My lips were chapped, I got sunburnt, and I got dehydrated. I did everything wrong I could do wrong before the trip, and I’m so glad I did.”

By the time the Babes Ride Out trip rolled around, Beulah Mae was as ready as she was gonna be. With a $100 bill tucked into her pocket, she rode to the meet-up point. Having never met any of the other women face-to-face, showing up as a solo rider took some guts. But the Babes Ride Out crew turned out to be a great match for her.

“They’re not your run of the mill girls,” said Beulah. “They work from home, they own businesses, they’re artists. They’re exceptional, exceptional women, and there wasn’t one boring person there.

Since the trek to Borrego, Beulah has ridden with a few of the Babes Ride Out women on her own – and she may even host a ladies night at the local dealership with the help of her friend. Any excuse to get on a bike.

“It’s a cool, strong feeling. That kind of freedom is something to look forward to. You don’t have to depend on anyone else. It’s just you and the ride.”

She might be new, but this biker gets it.