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The ride continues


As featured in H.O.G.® Magazine: Canada

In the Summer 2012 edition of HOG® Magazine Canada, H.O.G.® member Dustin A. Woods told the story of escaping the unpleasant realities of his current situation by taking a once-in-a-lifetime summer adventure in the form of a coast-to-coast ride across Canada:

Having been laid off from a senior position within a moderately-sized corporation, I had run the gamut of emotions: shock, disbelief, anger, self-loathing, despair, and finally acceptance. With credit cards and loans piling up and job prospects looking dim as the economy continued its steep and swift nosedive, I figured I may as well embrace the opportunity to acknowledge a lifelong dream. After all, when else in my life would I have the freedom to traverse this great nation of ours by motorcycle?

Story and photos by Dustin A. Woods