Find Your Freedom Video

Introducing the 8 #FINDYOURFREEDOM Interns

From more than 7,500+ applications, these 8 found a way to express what freedom means to them and landed a summer job as a Harley-Davidson intern. Throughout the summer, the interns will inspire new riders by taking to the road and documenting their journey.

#FindYourFreedom Interns

Alejandro Garrido
Miami, Florida

Alejandro knows there is no greater freedom than riding on two wheels. A former police officer in Brevard County, and current student in Miami, Alejandro is excited to continue building his marketing skills with Harley-Davidson this summer.

Brock St. Clair (360) Brock St. Clair (310) Brock St. Clair (675)
Brock St. Clair
Starkville, Mississippi

Whether it’s auditioning for an improv team, acting in a play or hosting a college radio show, Brock is no stranger to taking risks. A rising college senior, Brock has a unique talent for capturing audiences’ attention and sharing his passion for branching out of his comfort zone.

Charlie Grimbly (360) Charlie Grimbly (310) Charlie Grimbly (675)
Charlie Grimbly
Cape Town, South Africa

As an established blogger, Charlie loves to share her passion for travel, fashion and living life to the fullest with her followers. When it comes to riding, Charlie knows there is no better feeling than feeling the breeze and enjoying the sights one can only see on a motorcycle.

Emma Ogiemwanye (360) Emma Ogiemwanye (310) Emma Ogiemwanye (675)
Emma Ogiemwanye
Long Beach, California

After graduating in 2012, Emma has spent the past four years working in communication for some of the world’s most recognizable tech brands. Before going back to school this fall, Emma looks forward to throwing a leg over a motorcycle and sharpening her social media skills with Harley-Davidson.

Meghan Glova (360) Meghan Glova (310) Meghan Glova (675)
Meghan Glova
Charlotte, North Carolina

A recent graduate, Meghan is no stranger to the limelight. With experience as a television news reporter and producer, Meghan is looking forward to bringing her storytelling skills to Harley-Davidson’s social media team. Meghan’s freedom is living life to the fullest, seizing every memory and pursuing her dreams – all while on a motorcycle.

Tessa Otto (360) Tessa Otto (310) Tessa Otto (675)
Tessa Otto
Kennan, Wisconsin

From a small town in the north woods of Wisconsin, Tessa found her freedom through wearing a good pair of boots and exploring the outdoors. Tessa’s passion for Harley-Davidson started with her Dad’s own motorcycle, and now as a rising college senior she is looking forward to hopping on her own two wheels and enjoying the open road.

Tony Peries (360) Tony Peries (310) Tony Peries (675)
Tony Peries
London, England

Growing up in central London, Anthony dreamed of the freedom of riding on the open road. His life motto is simple – “Live to ride, Ride to live” – and it pushes him to continue to inspire the next generation of riders.

Weidong Han (360) Weidong Han (310) Weidong Han (675)
Weidong Han
Wuhan, China

Weidong came to the United States when he was 19 years old, and has totaled more than 70,000 Miles on his motorcycle – traveling to 49 of 50 states. A recent graduate, Weidong is looking forward to bring his marketing experience and love for exploring the open road to Harley-Davidson’s social media team.