H-D Plant Hosts Largest Rooftop Solar Power System in Wisconsin

H-D's participation in the We Energies Solar Now program helps drive toward a more sustainable future

Harley-Davidson's impacts on the environment not only stem from the use of gasoline in our motorcycles and materials used in our products, but our own facilities also contribute to our impacts through energy consumption and waste generation.

We've partnered with We Energies, a Wisconsin-based energy/natural gas provider, on a renewable energy project at H-D's Pilgrim Road Powertrain Operations plant. We Energies is leasing the roof to install the largest roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) system in the state. The system is estimated to generate just under 3,500 megawatt hours of electricity per year. The energy will be returned to the We Energies electric grid for customer use, and we will receive RECs (renewable energy credits) for the power produced. 

This project supports Harley-Davidson's Renewable Energy goals. By 2027, 15% of Harley-Davidson's electricity will be renewable, so electricity will be generated on-site from renewable sources (e.g., solar) or will be offset by renewable energy credits (RECs) derived from support of new renewable power generation. In addition, we use market-available RECs (from existing projects) to further offset electricity use. Our aspiration is to address 100% of our electricity consumption with these two strategies.

In addition to the solar installation at Pilgrim Road, 100% of the electricity consumed by York Vehicle Operations is offset by RECs as part of our electricity supply agreement for the plant. You can read more about our sustainability goals in the 2019 Sustainability Report.

The solar power that will be generated at Pilgrim Road is estimated to help reduce carbon emissions by ~1,800 metric tons annually compared to conventional power production.

Using an US EPA calculator, we estimate the array will offset the electrical consumption of 285 average US homes energy use for a year. The roof array will produce a quantity of electricity equivalent to approximately 5% of the total 2019 electrical consumption of the Pilgrim Road Plant.

Speaking in motorcycle terms, H-D's LiveWire™ motorcycle has a battery capacity of 15.5 kWhs and an estimated range of 146 miles. So, the solar array will generate enough energy to charge a LiveWire 225,225 times or the equivalent of 32,882,850 miles of riding range. That's enough to go around earth 1,320 times!

This demonstrates our responsibility to look out for our communities and stakeholders we serve to ensure a sustainable future for all.