Harley-Davidson Financial Services Recognized for Sustainable Business Practices


HDFS Carson City is the third business in the State of Nevada to be officially certified in green business practices.​

The State of Nevada green business certification program recognizes businesses that have made voluntary behavior and facility changes that net positive and measurable environmental outcomes like greenhouse gas emissions reduced, energy saved, gallons of water saved, tons of waste diverted from landfills and hazardous materials reduced. Harley-Davidson Financial Services (HDFS) in Carson City met the requirements, becoming one of only three businesses in the State of Nevada to be certified as an official green business.

"I'm proud of this accomplishment, and it's an incredible honor to be recognized as a company that is at the forefront of this statewide effort," said Al Ely, VP of commercial at HDFS. "The green business certification program is consistent with Harley-Davidson's desire to grow our business without growing our environmental impact, and this certification demonstrates HDFS' commitment to help achieve that goal."



"While achieving the certification was a concerted effort, it was comprised of many small efforts that really can make a big difference for the environment, and our hope is that these efforts are contagious," Ely added. "We want to help grow and generate awareness of environmental opportunities across the state; and believe that by showing how it can be done it will propel the entire community forward."