H-D India and Brazil Plants Go Solar

At our Bawal, India, and Manaus, Brazil, motorcycle assembly facilities, solar farms were installed to reduce impact on the environment. In Manaus, 150 solar panels were put in place in April 2018. The panels produce ~250 kWh per day, contributing ~14% of the plant’s electricity needs. In Bawal, solar panels were installed to produce close to 50,000 kWh annually, offsetting electrical consumption by ~5% per year.

These initial installations are just the beginning of our efforts to use more renewable energy to power our facilities. Our longer-term strategy is to evaluate solar installations on a regular cadence and in line with reroofing projects. We are also exploring whether power purchase agreements for renewable power should play a role in our overall energy management portfolio.

Learn more about our work in the 2018 Sustainability Report on H-D.com.