Harley-Davidson Rides with Pride

Harley-Davidson’s purpose is to fulfill dreams of personal freedom, and we strongly believe that freedom should be attainable by everyone. A demonstration of that belief recently thundered through the streets of Milwaukee during the city’s annual PrideFest celebration. 

The Ride with Pride Motorcycle Run, sponsored by Pridefest and the Harley-Davidson Museum, is the world’s largest motorcycle ride celebrating the LGBT+ community and its allies. This year’s turnout included nearly 150 motorcycles and hundreds of participants, volunteers, allies and supporters. 

Harley-Davidson’s support for the event, led by Harley-Davidson’s E.A.G.L.E. (Employee Alliance for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Employees and their Allies) employee resource group, is critical to the event organizers. “Harley-Davidson has built the bikes we ride for more than 115 years,” says Ride with Pride organizer Cormac Kehoe. “It felt like coming home when they opened the Harley-Davidson Museum grounds for our rides these last two years. I didn’t personally know the riders who joined us, but by the time the ride was done, all the riders felt like family to me. Harley-Davidson had a big part in that. Their motorcycles bring people together.” 

This event is important from Harley-Davidson’s perspective, as well.

“We welcome people of all backgrounds into our workplace and our brand,” says Bryan Niketh, vice president of product development and executive sponsor of the E.A.G.L.E. BERG. “When we ride, it’s an expression of freedom and individuality. The Ride with Pride is an opportunity to expand the invitation to ride, be yourself and know (regardless of what motorcycle you ride) you’re welcome to join the Harley-Davidson family.”