5 Million and Counting

On May 8, we made history when the 5 millionth motorcycle rolled off our assembly line in York, Pennsylvania, and onto the road, ready to carry its new rider to limitless opportunities for adventure and discovery.

The story of Harley-Davidson’s Vehicle Operations in York began on the cusp of World War Two when the U.S. Navy commissioned a factory to meet the urgent demand for anti-aircraft guns

In 1973, Harley-Davidson motorcycle production moved from Milwaukee to York and Ironhead Sportster and Shovelhead FL models filled the production lines.  When a group of Harley-Davidson executives bought The Motor Company back in 1981, York stayed in the family. 

Today workers stamp the sheet metal for tanks and fenders, form and weld our motorcycle frames, apply painted finishes that are the benchmark of the industry, and staff a final assembly line that is the embodiment of our commitment to state-of-the art manufacturing technology and world- class quality standards. 

York has changed a lot over the years, evolving to meet the challenges of the times and seize the opportunities ahead. We’re charging forward by bringing LiveWire, our first electric motorcycle to life. It’s the first in a line of electric two-wheelers that will lead the electrification of riding and change the future of Harley-Davidson.

York is growing, and the majority of Harley-Davidson motorcycles sold world-wide roll off American assembly lines, including every Harley-Davidson motorcycle sold in the United States.

Five million brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Five million Great American Freedom Machines.

And more than five million dreams fulfilled.

Here’s to the next five million machines that will carry their riders forward to find their freedom.