Heads Up – It’s Time to Check Your Helmet

Woman on a motorcycle wearing a helmet

It’s spring, the open road is calling – have you taken a closer look at your helmet yet?

Harley-Davidson encourages all riders to look over their helmet and gear to make sure everything is in working order for the spring and summer riding season.

Helmets that show dents in the shell or fraying straps should be replaced immediately. Even if a helmet doesn’t appear to be damaged, it’s highly recommended by many helmet manufacturers and a leading motorcycle safety foundation to replace a helmet at least every 3-5 years. Why? Because interior protective elements, such as liners and the helmet’s EPS structure (its impact-absorbing layer) deteriorate and can lose effectiveness in safety, comfort and fit.

Set of 5 helmets hanging on helmet wall mount

Harley-Davidson offers many helmet options to meet every rider’s unique needs. H-D® helmet offerings have expanded to provide riders and passengers with more versatile, comfortable and innovative options to help them choose the right combination of protection, features and styling. The product experts at Harley have partnered with several leading helmet manufacturers to add the newest in helmet technology to the H-D® line of helmets.

Whether a customer’s priority is comfort or style, Harley-Davidson has a helmet to meet their needs. Many of the newest helmets are also available globally and meet the different safety certifications required around the world.

Have you checked your helmet lately? If not, check for any wear and tear. If you’re in the market for a replacement, visit your local dealership, where your dealer can use the “Helmet Fit Kit” to help you find the right kind of helmet and the perfect fit.