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To give H.O.G.TM members another reason to ride we honor all riders who visit a minimum of 21 Harley-Davidson dealerships all over the country in one calendar year (i.e. January to December). Members will have to visit the dealership on their own Harley-Davidson Motorcycle to get the stamping.

Stamping will be available only during working hours of the dealership. Host chapter managers will take a photo of the H.O.G.TM member and promote on their respective social media pages and community. On successful completion of the same, the journey log is expected to be submitted to the respective Chapter Managers. The special pin and patch will be awarded.

If associate member is with the rider (daughter, wife, friend, etc.), stamping is allowed. In certain cases, the host chapter manager will work out the stamping based on their best individual judgement. Please note: One H.O.G.TM member = one journey book and one stamping.

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Events and Rallies


BIG 5 is the title awarded to all H.O.G.TM members who successfully attend all the five Marquee Rallies in India in a year. The H.O.G.TM member gets his or her journey log stamped at all the rallies and the same is highlighted by the respective chapter managers. Members must have their journey log booklet collected from the dealership after signing and stamping.

This booklet will have to be brought to all of the rallies in order to get the stamps and signatures needed for this challenge The special stamp is made by H-D India and is given to host chapters during the rallies. The journey log will then be submitted at the last Zonal Rally. If all the 5 stamps are in place, the H.O.G.TM member is awarded a customized medal / pin at the next India H.O.G.TM rally.

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