Waterproof and wearable

Defy the winter weather, take control of the elements and extend your riding season with the Harley-Davidson® FXRG® Collection – the riding gear designed for all-year riding.

With FXRG (Functional eXtreme Riding Gear), form meets function to deliver options on what level of comfort you want for your ride. The FXRG clothing range is a multi-layer system to keep you warm and dry in the winter and, when stripped back, casually cool in the summer. Designed by Harley-Davidson® riders for all the right reasons, FXRG is technical riding gear blended with style for use both on and off the bike.

You can opt for traditional cowhide leather jackets that feature waterproofing, or our all year-round fabric combinations for the outer layer – both leather and fabric options feature the latest design and technical innovations. Take, for example, our patented Triple Vent System™, which features sealable vents positioned to allow maximum cooling airflow to the body when required.

FXRG Thinsulate™ mid-layers are designed to aid heat retention by keeping the body’s core heat in place. The FXRG mid-layers attach securely to the outer jacket or trousers to remain comfortable, regardless of the length of your journey. Of course, when the temperature does rise, you can either open up the outer Triple Vent systems for a cooling effect or simply remove the mid-layer.

FXRG Base Layers are undergarments made from high-performance fabric to deliver effective moisture management to keep you cool when you sweat, and warm when you're cold. Skin NODOR® technology helps prevent odour by inhibiting bacterial growth. There are also other features included such as air channels and design constructions to ensure the FXRG Base Layers (tops and leggings) don’t bunch up to cause discomfort.

Discover the wide range of performance riding products within the FXRG Collection, from helmets to gloves and footwear by visiting your nearest Harley-Davidson® dealership, where specialist MotorClothes® staff can help find the best gear to suit your needs.