Jumpstart your riding experience in 2019

We’re still astounded by the number of people we meet who choose or buy their Harley and then take their bike test so that they can ride it. Our innovative Jumpstart machine continues to be a great way for non-riders to experience the thrill of two-wheels with the safety of a rolling road to help master the controls and balance.

Take a look at Jumpstart in action at this year’s Motorcycle Live show in Birmingham and keep an eye on our events calendar to find out when you can give the experience a try for yourself.

We have some exciting new rider initiatives planned for next year and some inspiring features with people whose lives have transformed as a result of buying the bike and then getting the licence.

If you can’t wait for an event near you, why not find out everything you need to know before taking the next step from the Motorcycle Industry Association’s Get On website or call in to your local Harley-Davidson® dealer to find out how they can help. Many have relationships with trusted, local training schools who can have you confidently riding on two wheels in time for the next riding season.

What are you waiting for?