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Inspired by the open road

Harley-Davidson® has been producing clothing for more than a century. Today there are five collections available, with apparel to suit every kind of rider

Harley-Davidson® has been producing dedicated motorcycle clothing, for both on and off the bike, almost as long as it has been making motorcycles.


The first branded clothing appeared in 1912, just nine years after motorcycle production started, and the same year construction began on the Juneau Avenue headquarters where Harley-Davidson branded apparel is still designed today.

For 2019, the clothing ranges have been streamlined and rationalised into five collections with very distinct identities to suit different types of customer – 1903, Garage, H-D® Moto, FXRG® and Genuine MotorClothes®. We take a look at what defines each collection, and what each has to offer….


1. It’s not just a look – it’s a lifestyle

Genuine MotorClothes® (GMC) (top image)

Serving the loyal Harley-Davidson rider and passenger, the GMC Collection contains the majority of Harley® riding gear, as well as a range of off-bike clothing for those customers looking for casual apparel as well as functional riding gear. Rooted in classic Harley-Davidson heritage and styling, GMC clothing allows wearers to proudly show their affinity with Harley-Davidson both on and off the bike.

The GMC Collection covers a range of finishes from clean-looking to medium antique treatment, looks from clean to distressed, and styles covering both functional riding and casual wear. Simple yet detailed designs with traditional silhouettes predominate, and branding tends to be bold and prominent.


2. Vintage styles that take the lead

The 1903 Collection

An entirely new vintage-inspired collection based on the history and heritage of Harley-Davidson, ‘1903’ appeals to customers who love Harley-Davidson but prefer clothing with more subtle branding than GMC clothing. With each piece created for an authentic ‘well-worn’ look, the 1903 collection could be described as ‘vintage classics rediscovered’.

The 1903 range embodies Harley-Davidson quality and craftsmanship in timeless pieces with style and heritage, reimagined with modern technology. The contrast between old and new is at the core of the line-up, epitomised by custom plaid based on vintage designs, distressed vintage patches and washed, waxed and tumbled leathers that look like they have been broken in for decades. 


3. Simple, raw, understated

The Garage Collection

Raw and edgy, the Garage Collection is aimed squarely at young adults who are coming into the brand and want to show their affinity with Harley-Davidson through simple, no-frills designs, a ‘back to basics’ feel and a workwear-inspired aesthetic. Rough, rugged and functional, the Garage range represents a raw, unrefined view of motorcycling designed for customers looking for clothes with an authentic retro look.

The Garage Collection style is epitomised by medium-weight fabrics that are uncomplicated and clean-looking to evoke quality, durability and a strong sense of heritage through a natural vintage finish without looking overdone – a rugged and understated way of expressing yourself to the world. 


4. Designed by riders, for riders

The FXRG® Collection

FXRG clothing is aimed at serious riders – experienced and new to the sport – who want to feel comfortable and protected in any riding environment, and care most about the quality and functionality of their gear.

Key to the FXRG range is the layering process, where a base layer can be matched with an insulated mid-layer and a protective outer layer, and then riding accessories added – gloves, boots and helmets. Innovative materials are used throughout, including the patented H-D® Triple Vent System technology. Full weather protection is thus achieved in any riding conditions to give customisable head-to-toe comfort and versatility with no compromises.


5. At the intersection of sleek and modern

The H-D® Moto Collection

Created for customers who want sophisticated apparel with subtle branding, the H-D Moto Collection uses modern and clean finishes for customers aiming for a sleek and upscale yet casual look while still showing the signature Harley-Davidson DNA in the design and materials.

The H-D Moto Collection is designed to be worn both on and off the bike, combining sophisticated modern design with functional riding pieces perfect for urban riding. Durable, abrasion-resistant materials combine with subtle details, clean lines and modern designs. The H-D Moto Collection is designed to appeal to those for those looking for a more modern twist on Harley-Davidson gear, inspired by classic riding apparel.