Customise your Softail

Harley-Davidson owns customisation – and Harley-Davidson® Genuine Parts & Accessories are the logical start point for individualising your ride

Customisation is what you do to make your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle your own.

No other brand of motorcycle encourages customisation to the degree that Harley-Davidson does, and a huge range of Genuine Parts & Accessories has been developed to make individualisation of your ride as accessible and varied as possible.

The Softail® platform is probably the most customised family in the Harley-Davidson range, not least because its design is inspired by the rich heritage of custom bikes and because the Softail easily lends itself to a wide range of custom looks, from bobber to chopper to board racer and everything in between.

So how do you begin the customisation process? A few simple rules apply.

Mood board

First, decide what style of look you are going for. Some people know exactly what they are trying to achieve when they start customising their Softail. Others take time to slowly develop the look they want and others are constantly looking for new inspiration. Whichever fits your profile, start by making a mood board of looks that inspire the type of build you are looking for. An ideal source of ideas is the ‘Get Inspiration’ section of the H-D® website here.

Next, choose your model using the customisation form on the Harley-Davidson P&A site here. This allows you to view Genuine Parts & Accessories specifically for your bike to take it to the next level. Remember, Genuine Harley-Davidson Parts & Accessories are designed and manufactured to be the best fit for your bike by the people that designed and built your bike – why choose anything else for your pride and joy?

A great starting point for individualising your Softail is to select a custom accessory collection that suits your style, allowing you to mix and match elements to suit your vision and your budget, swapping out elements like the handgrips, footpegs, air cleaner trim and engine inserts. Harley-Davidson offers a wide range of collections, including the Brass, Defiance, HDMC, Dominion, Kahuna, Chrome & Rubber and Willie G Skull collections – check out the site here for more inspiration.

Match your vision

Riders start the selection process by focusing on their bike’s colour scheme and desired style, then selecting the accessory collection – or collections – which most closely match that vision. Then it’s time to decide what will be personalised on the bike: options range from engine trim components all the way to foot and hand controls and mirrors. Genuine parts such as these have been designed to ensure installation without difficult fitment or finish issues or concerns about impact on your factory warranty.

Once you have started the customisation process by changing out the accessories to suit your style then you will likely find further inspiration as you look to change out larger items such as the seat, handlebars and exhausts.

Remember, if inspiration fails to strike, or if you are not fully confident in fitting parts and accessories to your Softail, you have friends in the custom bike-building business – the staff at your local Harley-Davidson dealership. They eat, sleep and breathe Harley-Davidson, so they can help you build the bike you always wanted – whether that is just offering some friendly advice or undertaking a full customisation to your bike. After all, they are the Kings of Custom.

Feeling inspired? To get in touch with your local dealer to start planning your dream custom project, visit