Electra Glide

A new touring icon

The new Electra Glide® Standard® is a touring motorcycle stripped back to the essentials

The latest model from Harley-Davidson®, the Electra Glide® Standard®, is designed to put the Harley-Davidson long-distance touring experience within the reach of new riders – as well as providing a blank canvas for customisation

The Electra Glide Standard is now the most affordable motorcycle in the Touring line, fully equipped with touring essentials but free from items that many riders consider non-essential – including an infotainment screen and communication system – allowing the rider to disconnect from screens and gadgets and enjoy the solitude of the open road.

Dressed-down dresser
The Standard offers an accessible starting point for riders looking for a touring experience free of modern information technology, as well as providing an entry point for owners who wish to retain the option of later customisation and performance upgrades.

None of the elements that have made Harley-Davidson a byword for comfortable long-distance touring have been compromised. The Milwaukee-Eight® 107 engine, counterbalanced for improved rider and passenger comfort, delivers stirring performance and strong torque while retaining the classic Harley-Davidson sound and feel. The iconic batwing fairing delivers smooth airflow and reduced head buffeting, while the mid-height windshield gives extra protection from the elements. Hard saddlebags feature convenient ‘One Touch’ latches that can be opened and closed while the rider is on the bike, while electronic cruise control holds a steady speed for comfort on long rides.

Connect with the open road
The comfort and capable handling of the Touring chassis is enhanced by high-quality suspension components. Emulsion-technology rear shock absorbers with hydraulically adjusted pre-load at the rear are combined with 49mm front forks with dual bending valve suspension technology to deliver a smooth, controlled ride. Reflex™ electronically linked brakes with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) deliver confident stopping power.

Disconnect from distractions
True to the purity of the stripped-down touring concept, the Electra Glide Standard dispenses with the infotainment system, fairing-mounted speakers and radio antenna that are features of other Harley-Davidson Touring models. However, the main wiring harness for the infotainment system is retained, so audio components sourced through the Harley-Davidson catalogue can be retrofitted at any time, making the Standard a great starting point for an owner who intends to build out a high-performance custom audio and communications system at any point in the future.

The customisation options don’t stop there. For the rider focused on performance, the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine accepts all applicable Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle® exhaust, intake and Stage Upgrade kits.

Blacked-out style
The Standard doesn’t compromise on Harley-Davidson style, either. Black Impeller cast aluminium wheels with machined highlights, rider footboards and a blacked-out engine with polished covers contrast with the Vivid Black paint scheme to deliver the looks in spades.