A passenger backrest and sissy bar upright are the starting points for turning your Harley-Davidson® into a complete Touring machine.

Equipped for the miles ahead

A passenger backrest and sissy bar upright are the starting points for turning your Harley-Davidson® into a complete Touring machine.

For passenger comfort and peace of mind, installing a passenger backrest is essential. Motorcycles can accelerate more forcefully than cars, which may cause problems for a passenger if there is no backrest for support. A backrest also provides passenger support during the transition from steady speed or slowing to acceleration.


It may not be possible for a passenger to get a firm handhold on the rider for a variety of reasons, and you can only hold on so tight by gripping with your legs, so the backrest adds a feeling of control and confidence for the passenger, as well as providing long-range comfort and support.

Keep it flexible
Adding a passenger backrest and sissy bar to your ride has other advantages. It can be used as an anchor point for luggage, or as an attachment point for a luggage rack, allowing you to easily and safely transport your bags or camping equipment.

Historically, many riders have been reluctant to add a passenger backrest to their bike because they infrequently transport passengers, and because they consider a backrest may spoil the lines of their bike, especially when riding solo. This issue has been addressed by the development of detachable components, available in the Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories catalogue. These can be quickly and easily removed without the use of tools, allowing riders to keep a sleek and streamlined look when riding solo, but also have the flexibility of adding a backrest and sissy bar when carrying passengers, or when carrying luggage for a longer trip.

Piece by piece
Selecting suitable components from H-D® catalogue is a straightforward process. Start by selecting model-specific docking hardware suitable for your bike and model year, then choose a finish that matches your styling direction, determine the desired sissy bar height and finally select a backrest pad that complements your seat.

Key to the fitting of detachable components is the HoldFast system. HoldFast One Piece uprights feature an exclusive latch system that enables the backrest to be installed and removed in seconds, adding versatility to your ride. The HoldFast sissy bar upright simply slips into position on the docking points, and the fingertip latches are then clicked into position for a firm lock. You can release the rack or sissy bar from the docking points by pulling the latches to, and lift by pivoting the rack or sissy bar forward to clear the rear docking points. Then, you simply lift the rack or sissy bar free.

Endless options
Start with a HoldFast One Piece Sissy Bar in your chosen height, and add a matching backrest pad. With a Sport Luggage Rack attached to the passenger backrest, you have optimum flexibility – whether you simply want to carry your lunch to work, or you want to take all your gear on a trip across the country. For solo cruising the system can be completely removed, preserving the clean lines of your bike.

With a number of styling collections available, you can seamlessly match the design of the components to the rest of your bike. Dominion, Defiance, Kahuna, Brass and Airflow all provide distinctive aesthetics to suit any style. If you still can’t decide, the team at your local authorized Harley-Davidson dealer can talk you through your requirements and the equipment you need – and they will fit it too!

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