Get connected

Get connected

The Boom! Audio helmet is the first fully functional smart helmet from Harley-Davidson, designed from the ground up using the latest, most advanced technology

For those wanting to stay tuned in on the road, whether to music or your fellow riders, the new Boom!™ helmet from H-D is unparalleled in technology and style.


Designed using the latest 30K Bluetooth technology from market leaders Sena, the helmet allows multiple riders to link together as a communications mesh, while inbuilt dual Bluetooth connections enable the helmet to pair with other devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and GPS systems. A host of other features are included, such as FM radio and voice and hands-free controls.

The helmet itself is a fully certified full-face system, with an integrated visor featuring a breath deflector, air vents and washable liner. However, the most remarkable innovation is the inbuilt communication system. Rather than having to rely on clipped-on external devices, all components are built into the helmet, meaning everything is neatly integrated, streamlined and optimised for premium performance right from the start.

Team up

The Boom! Audio helmet uses the latest 30K technology to connect users together as a mesh rather than the ‘chain’ used in older 10S or 20S Bluetooth systems, allowing up to eight active participants. Unlike the older ‘chain’ technology, this means that if a participant drops off then the rest of the group is unaffected. Riders can connect and communicate without the need to pair each Bluetooth system together, and an auto-healing function minimises connection issues.

The mesh technology has other benefits too. While the optimum distance for connection is approximately 800 metres between riders, in practice the riders in front act as antennae linking to riders further away. This means that communication is possible in a group with front and rear riders up to five miles apart. Up to six people using 30K can talk at the same time, while the helmet works with four riders if anyone is using the older 10S or 20S Bluetooth technology. The helmet can even be opened up to ‘public’ mode, meaning people outside the group can connect – effectively operating like a CB radio.

Link up

Thanks to the two Bluetooth antennae built into the system, there is huge flexibility in terms of how other devices can be incorporated. One antenna is dedicated to the mesh communication system, while the other can be used to connect other Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, or GPS systems. There is even a separate FM radio function, allowing music to be shared. Audio boost settings, advanced noise control and smart volume control means both music and voice communication are audible at all times, and the music or navigation voice commands can be set to overlay or interrupt intercom conversations as preferred.

The helmet can be connected to your Touring bike’s Boom! Box Infotainment System with the purchase of the P&A Wireless Interface Module (WIM), allowing access to all the functionality and settings built into the onboard system. The helmet also packs in enough battery power for 20 hours of intercom talk time. Recharging is as simple as plugging a lead into the jack, and full charge is reached in about 1.5 hours.


The Boom! Audio helmet is available in select markets at the highly competitive price of £411 (€521 approx.).

This helmet has an integrated wireless device that is RF (radio frequency) certified to the following countries: US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the European Union [Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom]. For markets where the Boom Audio 30k helmet is not available, Harley-Davidson® offers a number of communication solutions in the Genuine Accessory range. Please speak to your local dealer for information on the available options.