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One hour rides: São Paulo

São Paulo is a city that never sleeps, and there’s plenty to see and do even with just an hour to spare

If you find yourself in São Paulo either by chance or design, and have only an hour of free time, take a short tour on a Harley and take in some of the iconic sights of one of the most populous cities in the southern hemisphere.


Mighty metropolis

São Paulo – or ‘Sampa’ to the locals – is one of the world’s major cities, and among the largest in the southern hemisphere. Covering an area over 1,521 km², with a population of around 12 million, this city is truly a sight to behold. São Paulo’s diverse population hints at a long history of colonisation and immigration, with strong Japanese, Italian and Jewish communities counted among the city’s residents.

With such a fascinating history and so much to see and do, the only problem you’re likely to face when exploring is identifying just one place to discover on two wheels!

Park life

With its seemingly endless skyscrapers, this metropolis is not just the economic heart of the country; it is also at the cutting edge in terms of art, culture and technology. With over 12,000 restaurants and around 15,000 bars, it boasts a rich cultural and culinary diversity that represents each of the 26 Brazilian states, so you’ll be spoiled for choice for food and drink!

One hot tip for a whistle-stop tour São Paulo is Ibirapuera Park. Situated in the south of the city and nestled among upmarket neighbourhoods, this park is the most famous in town and is regarded by the locals as their own version of Central Park. In addition to its large green spaces, cycling and jogging tracks and exercise machines, the park is also home to the largest collection of museums in a single area of the city: the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo, the Afro-Brazilian Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Japanese Pavilion and the OCA. Designed by internationally-renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer, the buildings themselves are almost as worthy of note as the artworks they house. The park is located just 32 km from São Paulo’s international airport, and just 8.5km from the city centre.

Savour the experience

Wherever you go in São Paulo, you’ll see a vast variety of building styles in this extremely vertical city. Every corner opens up a world of contrasts, with different people, activities and environments. This is a city which never sleeps, and which is truly alive 24/7. Cars rush out from all angles, and the traffic can grind to a halt at times. But that’s no problem to anyone enjoying the streets and avenues on a motorcycle, and you’ll quickly get to wherever you want to go.

It’s a strange paradox of São Paulo that you’ll feel as if you’ve seen elements of many nations in the same neighbourhood, while also being acutely aware that you haven’t experienced even a hundredth of what this cosmopolitan city can has to offer. And beyond the city itself, you’ll be just as spoiled for choice – whether you opt to take in one of the surrounding towns, visit the nearby waterfalls or climb the mountains that loom over the city. So what are you waiting for – jump on your Harley and get out there to explore!


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