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One hour rides: Barcelona

There’s a surprising amount you can fit in on two wheels in this buzzing city, even with just sixty minutes to spare

Picture the scene – you’re in the hip Catalonian city of Barcelona, whether by chance or design, and you find yourself with an hour or so to kill.


Now you could of course while away the time with a coffee at one of the city’s many cafés, or try some casual window-shopping or people-watching. But surely a far better use of your time would be to take a Harley test drive and soak up the sights on two wheels.

A haven for bikers

The Barcelona cityscape is an incredible space for motorbike lovers, proven by the fact that the Catalonian capital ranks top for motorcycles per inhabitant in Europe. The long, straight streets of the Eixample district are made for bikers to rumble down, while the grid patterning of the city’s design and its manzana corners open up the avenues to expose colourful marketplaces, shining natural light on the inimitable architecture of Antoni Gaudi, whose artistic vision gives this city its unique personality.

You could easily spend an hour zipping around the Eixample district, or perhaps the trendy Gracia neighbourhood. But one of the most appealing elements of Barcelona is that it is situated so close to both the coast and the mountains. In just a short time you can head to the beach (try Gavà or Castelldefels to the south, or Blanes to the north), or you can head inland, gaining height and taking in spectacular views.

New heights

For a particularly memorable hour, take the BV-1462 out of the city. After a few hairpins you’ll soon come across an ideal first stop – the Mirador Sarrià, a viewpoint where you’re bound to meet many fellow bikers stopping to take in the view. It’s a great place to get chatting and pick up some insider riding tips from the locals!

If you carry on up the road, before long joining the BV-1418, you’ll find yourself winding your way up towards Mount Tibidabo, the tallest mountain in the Serra de Collserola range. Keep going, and you’ll soon reach the Tibidabo Amusement Park, which combines the joys of the funfair with stunning panoramic views of the city. Park up and take some time to drink in the view, with the streets of Barcelona laid out before you – a ride on the ferris wheel is an optional extra!

Savour the experience

Whether you choose to head up high or keep your feet on the ground in the city, you’re bound to feel the magic of riding in Barcelona. This is an electrifying city – the kind of city that can always offer up something new and unexpected. 

You may even choose to spend your time allowing yourself to get lost. Simply follow your gut, turn down whichever roads intrigue you and enjoy the feeling of freedom that only a Harley can bring. Who knows, you may even discover some hidden gems of your own along the way. 

For that is the beauty of this metropolis – it’s all at your fingertips. All-terrain, beautiful weather and vistas, as well as a bustling cosmopolitan centre with culture, cuisine and cojones.


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