Cape Town

One hour in Cape Town

For the latest in our series of whistlestop urban rides, we take 60 minutes to feel the ocean breeze and take in the stunning views of Cape Town

From golden beaches to craggy mountain ranges, Cape Town really has it all – and you can get a taster even if time is short. For a time-saving tour, equip yourself for an hour of exploration with a Harley® test ride and follow this scenic route to make the most of Cape Town's possibilities.

To the beach

Start your tour at De Waterkant, whizzing down a wide road flanked by the high-rise buildings belonging to Cape Town's central business district. Stay glued to the M6 as it exits and skirts around the docks, leading you to some of the city's favourite tourist hotspots.

Those with empty bellies will find themselves drawn to the V&A Waterfront, a popular location packed with all the trendiest eateries. But if your eyes are hungrier than your belly, keep to the road. As the houses thin out you can sit back and enjoy a cruise overlooking the sea, which on the best days takes on a vivid turquoise hue.

Breathe in the sea air as you ride round Green Point and Sea Point before beginning a gradual rise above sea level at Bantry Bay, which will offer you a view of the imposing mountain range in the distance.

Keep following the gently winding road and zip past the Clifton Beaches. Filled with sunbathers and picnicking families, this is the perfect place to while away a lazy day on golden sands. The road will now take you on a meandering route up the hillside, opening up views of the sea and introducing a greener setting, neatly lined with trees.

Bird's-eye view

Keep climbing and admiring the view as you ride up Tafelberg Road towards Table Mountain's ascension points. When you reach the Lower Cable Station, hop off your Harley and take the time to admire the city and the sea laid out before you. If you ride a little further down the road you can escape the crowds and soak up the sights in peace.

If you've made good time, head up the cableway to the very top of Table Mountain. The car rotates 360 degrees during the five-minute ride to make the most of the ascent's spectacular views. Whether blanketed in clouds or exposed under a crisp blue sky, the looming Table Mountain is bound to impress.


Don't get too lost in the view – once you've had your fill, it's time to descend and return to the city. When you're back on the road, follow the M62 and let your wheels run for a short-track route back to civilisation, concluding your whistle-stop excursion.

When time is less of an issue, Cape Town has plenty of treasures to discover – it's not known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world without reason. And the best way to see it? From the seat of a Harley of course.

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