Hero bike for super dad

Christmas came a day early for 43-year-old Adam Dixon when he became the first ever UK customer to take delivery of a fully-electric, road-legal Harley-Davidson® LiveWire motorcycle on Tuesday 24th December 2019.


On a scale of one to ten, Adam rated his excitement level as ten… and nervousness as nine! LiveWire is the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle Adam has owned. To date, he’s had a wide variety of scooters and a motorcycle for London commuting. Despite holding his full big bike licence for ten years, the father-of-one was still riding a 250cc scooter for convenience. 

He’s also owned an 800cc automatic motorcycle, but its commuting capabilities didn’t live up to his expectations. It proved to be top heavy, the auto-box wasn’t particularly good and the experience ended up being the opposite of what he hoped for.

So, with the ‘twist and go’ simplicity being the only similarity between LiveWire and his previous commuter choices, would Adam’s decision prove to be more thrilling than shocking? “I was looking for something slightly different for riding in the city,” he said. “So the fact that LiveWire is electric is what initially attracted my attention. My car’s a diesel so you could say I wanted to find a ying and yang kind of balance. There was also the performance aspect of an electric motorcycle.”

LiveWire is definitely endowed with performance thanks to its Revelation® electric motor powered by a 15.5 kWh Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) combined with a light-weight aluminium road-going chassis that features modern running gear.

“I started looking at electric bikes already out there and also Harley-Davidson motorcycles,” Adam continued. “And then I saw a LiveWire static display model here at Warr’s Harley-Davidson and thought ‘Oh, this is the best of both worlds.’ I realised the LiveWire was going to be really exciting and fun – the two most important criteria for riding – as well as light and nimble and decided it was the one for me.” 

Of course, charging requirements were a consideration in his purchasing decision but Adam did his homework on the availability of charging systems in and around London, of which there are many and the list is growing weekly. “I’m fortunate that my work place has already installed charging units and combined with the standard home charge system, I’m covered,” he said.

“I’m not going to use it as a daily commuter; it will be mainly used for riding for fun. That said it might become my daily commuting tool once I’m on it because it could be the only two-wheels I want to ride!

That’s particularly true given that the latest addition to his garage has his daughter seeing him as a superhero. With LiveWire featured as the primary motorcycle in Marvel’s action film Avengers: Age of Ultron, Adam’s daughter has taken to lovingly referring to her Dad as Captain America and even bought a soft toy version to celebrate his new purchase. She’s also decided that being dropped off at school by motorcycle is significantly cooler than by car. 

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