A pure riding experience

“The way I like to ride is the same as when I’m skiing – there’s the way ahead, I’m on skis and there should be nothing else to divert my focus. Riding LiveWire™ is just like that.”


Adam Dixon was the first ever UK customer to take delivery of a road-legal Harley-Davidson® LiveWire. And, other than one short-lived ownership experience with an automatic motorcycle, the new electric Harley® was the first proper bike to tempt Adam off a maxi scooter. One month on, we wanted to know if LiveWire had lived up to his expectations.

In the depths of British winter, Adam had already covered around 250 miles on his new bike – all with one recharge. “I’ve been using it almost daily,” he said. “The thing is, once you’re on it; it’s a pleasure to ride, so why would I ride anything else? I’ve done just one recharge so far and that was at home using the mains 240v system. I’m not sure what the mileage was. I saw I was down to around 25% so thought I would charge it up. I didn’t check how long it took, just left it overnight.
“Because I’m riding roads through the city and it’s in regenerative Eco mode, I’m getting a lot more mileage than I thought I would. Looking at the bigger picture, that’s actually quite nice… where I would normally call into a petrol station, say, once or twice a week, now I don’t even have to think about doing that.”
“The funny thing is, because I got a puncture and needed a new tyre, I got chance this week to do a comparative with a ‘normal’ bike. Warr’s Harley-Davidson® gave me a loan bike while they sorted my LiveWire. Interestingly, this was the first geared bike I had ridden in quite a while and it’s surprising how quickly it all comes back to you.
“The reality with traditional bikes is gear changes are second nature and there is some joy in being able to clutch, rev, make a bit of noise and ease the power in. I can understand all that because they are the essential elements of man and machine.
“Riding the standard loan bike over a couple of days, I now realise all the gear-changing and cluttered cockpit area, which does feel natural, is actually quite a distraction and detracts a little bit from the pleasure of riding. It’s the same with using the brakes: the torque braking of the LiveWire regenerative Eco mode is so good that I barely have to use the brakes. I think the brake pads are going to last a long time on this bike.
“I like the riding position of LiveWire because it’s such a natural, practical position; a mix of aggressive and comfortable. Also, the way the instrument panel is arranged gives an unobstructed view to the point that you enjoy a pure ride.
“I love the performance; the instant drive and knowing there’s more available. I know this isn’t unique to LiveWire because all electric bikes have instantaneous delivery. With the roads being wet, greasy and cold it hasn’t been the right conditions so far to push and judge the bike’s handling, but even now I feel really well planted on the bike.
“It’s almost easier to ride than a maxi scooter, because it gives the feeling of less bulk to it; it’s balanced so front and rear feel as one and, therefore, more nimble. I’m better connected to it, that’s the reality. People ski wearing a soft pair of boots but I ski using a hard pair of boots because I want to feel everything. And that’s the feedback LiveWire gives me to build my trust in it.”