50 years of Easy Rider celebrated by riding Harley-Davidson® motorcycles

2019, marks the 50th anniversary of the release of one of the biggest and most iconic road movies ever made. Easy Rider had all the ingredients of late 1960s Americana to make it an unmissable cinematic experience. Stars of the film included such greats as Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson. There were bigger stars, however, in the form of customised Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. By mixing acting and motorcycles with a memorable soundtrack, Easy Rider was already on its way to becoming a true classic.

To celebrate and remind the world of how a half-century of Easy Rider has shaped so many lives, journalist Jeremy Taylor, along with pro photographer Richard Bradbury, decided to cover the route and locations used in the film. Of course, this had to be achieved on motorcycles.

While the original Easy Rider customised chopper-style Harleys are consigned to possible collectors and other theories of their whereabouts, today’s Harley-Davidson range of motorcycles are just as great – and more ideally suited to everyday use especially the Touring range when big mileage is the order of the day. For the trip, Taylor and Bradbury elected to ride the latest Softail® Sport Glide® and CVO™ Limited. Being able to stash many kilos of photographic equipment as well as clothing and washroom gear helped sway the choice.

From clashes with wild donkeys (relatives of the creatures used in the gold rush days), to souvenir shops, movie memorabilia and cacti, the two Brits endured all of these and more during their road trip. To read about their trip of a lifetime, head to your nearest newsagent or magazine retailer and search out premium automotive magazine Octane, April 2019 issue #190. If the words don’t make you want to ride then the images will.

Harley-Davidson and customisation is still a huge concern especially with the ‘over the counter’ Dark Custom™ range of motorcycles, parts and accessories and, of course, Battle of the Kings.