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Demo Tour
Demo Tour

Harley on Tour 2022 Ride the Legend


The wait is over. Harley on Tour 2022 is here. Our demo experience truck is approaching you with 20 latest Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Plan your test ride and discover everything about an event in your city.

Find a Tour Stop Near You

Learn more at https://hd-experiencetour.com/

Learn more at https://hd-experiencetour.com/

  • 29/04 - 01/05/2022 - Alicante
  • 13 - 15/05/2022 - Asturias
  • 20 - 22/05/2022 - Euskadi
  • 03 - 05/06/2022 - Valencia
  • 10 - 12/06/2022 - Zaragoza
  • 17 - 19/06/2022 - Madrid
  • 09 - 11/09/2022 - Porto
  • 16 - 18/09/2022 - Lisboa
  • 23 - 25/09/2022 - Malaga
  • 14 - 16/10/2022 - Barcelona


Test rides are free.

You must present your ID and your full motorcycle license.

Helmet, riding jacket, long pants, gloves and sturdy shoes are also essential. We will not provide helmets, jackets or gloves this year. So bring your own.

We are not providing any riding gear this year. Please bring your own helmet, gloves, riding jackets, long sleeve shirts, long pants and sturdy closed shoes so you can go on the ride.

1. Find the best date and place for the Harley on Tour 2022 event

2. Contact the dealer to find out the availability of the selected model and date

3. Arrange a date and time for the test ride

If you are unable to attend the Harley on Tour, contact your nearest dealer at any time and take advantage of the free test ride available at our authorized dealerships.

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