Rider Stories: Sunita Kunjeer


Who are you, where do you live and what do you do?

“I'm Sunita Kunjeer, director of Ladies of Harley chapter in India. I live in Pune.”


When did you start riding?

“I started riding when I was 18 years old.”


And what made you start?

“I was fascinated with motorcycles and back then I used one mostly as a means of commuting. Everyone in my family had motorcycles, so it wasn't very new for me.”


What are you riding now?

“Harley-Davidson Road King, Milwaukee-Eight.”


Is it stock?

“Not stock. I've changed all lights to LED, added a king-size Tour-pak with smoked LED lights. Got a rider backrest and rail guards. An entire Willie G theme for footboards, handlebar grips, derby covers, gear shifter and brake levers plus 360° highway pegs and fog lights. Oh, and a windscreen bag! My engine and exhaust are stock however… I plan to enhance them after my ride in April.”


What makes Harley-Davidson appeal so much to you?

“My riding preference has always been cruising. Although I did some off-roading when I was younger, I prefer to travel and see places. That’s why H-D fits in with me very well; it has always been a dream bike for me and when the dealership in Pune opened up in 2013, I had to have it! H.O.G. is a very beautiful program and has given me a lot of opportunities to ride and connect with people all over. Harley-Davidson is a motorcycle which embodies the spirit of riding with the brotherhood. And that to me is my sweet spot. The motorcycle looks grand and robust to ride and I always have a smile on my face the minute I see my bike.”


What’s been the best moment on your Road King?

“I've been riding H-D for 4 years now, so there are many moments or rides that have been memorable. My ride to the Wagha border where I met the Indian border security force will be cherished for a long time. Each ride has many special memories. Once, a little girl about 5 or 7 years old, who I met on the road, on seeing me and my bike told me that this is exactly what she wants to do when she’s big enough. That’s the first time she's ever seen a Harley.”


Harley-Davidson is 115 years old this year – what does that mean to you?

“To me, something that has withstood time and generations of people is a success story. To be producing and selling motorcycles for 115 years is legendary! The history and legacy it holds is phenomenal and I love reading about it. It also has a little significance for me as director to be taking a whole bunch of HOGs to Prague to celebrate!”


On that point, what inspired the ride to Prague, and what are you looking forward to most?

“As soon as H-D announced their celebration at Prague, I just knew I had to go! Little did I know that so many from my chapter too wanted to go! So we have all teamed up and booked ourselves to go to Prague. Also Prague is very beautiful and I’m excited to visit it. And I'm really looking forward to the parade on 7th July, it is estimated that 70 thousand are participating – my heart just skips a beat to even think of the sight of it! Very excited to go partying with HOGs from around the world.”

Finally, what Harley-Davidson model would you like to own next (or as well) and why?

“I would like to own the electric motorcycle of H-D – Project Livewire – if it will be sold in the near future.”