The Road To Milwaukee


Who are you, where do you live and what do you do?

I’m Trish Moss from Reading, UK, and I’m the UK office Manager for an electronics distributor.


When did you start riding?



And what made you start?

A challenge from my partner, Nij. We joined H.O.G. in 1989 and have never looked back. I was honoured to be appointed Chapter Director of Thames Valley which I served for two and half years and am a founder member ... a great experience.


What Harley are you riding now?

Still my original Sportster “Bewitched”. A 1987 4 speed which Nij has customised so well she won the “Find the best Sportster” in the UK in 2004.


What makes Harley-Davidson appeal so much to you?

Excellent friendly service, a great bike to ride everywhere and good friends met and made because of the Company.


What’s been your best moment on a Harley-Davidson?

Too many to mention, but I guess the best has got to be riding at Sturgis and then flying the Chapter flag in the 100th anniversary parade in Milwaukee.


I’d also have to say my 60th birthday ride in 2007. My friends and I shipped and rode our own bikes from Chicago to LA on Route 66 (taking in Vegas, The Grand Canyon and San Francisco). We covered just over 3000 miles in three weeks.


Harley-Davidson is 115 years old this year – what does that mean to you?

Just proves that it is still one of the greatest companies in the world and still has family involved. Long may it continue.



On that point, what inspired the trip to Milwaukee, and what are you looking forward to most?

We have attended and ridden the Milwaukee parade for every 5 year reunion since the 90th anniversary (barring the 110th which we were unable to attend). We would not miss this one!