H.O.G. Membership Options | Harley-Davidson USA

H.O.G.® Benefits Chart

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  Benefit Full
Associate Member Full Life Member Associate Life Member
  Membership Card X X X X
  Embroidered H.O.G. Patch X X X X
  Bronze H.O.G. Pin X X X X
  ABCs of Touring X X X X
*^ AT&T Wireless X   X  
* Best Western Ride Rewards® X X X X
* Chapters X X X X
* Events X X X X
* H-D® Authorized Rentals X   X  
* Harley-Davidson Deck at Miller Park X X X X
* Harley-Davidson® Insurance X X X X
* Harley-Davidson Museum X X X X
  HOG® Magazine X   X  
* H.O.G. Merchandise X X X X
  Ladies of Harley® X X X X
  Life Member Patch and Pin     X X
  Member Services Center X X X X
  members.hog.com X X X X
  Mileage Program X X X X
  Million Mile Monday X X X X
* Motorcycle Shipping X   X  
** Roadside Assistance Program X   X  
  Safe Rider Skills Program X X X X
10- and 25-Year Member Recognition X X X X
  Theft Reward X   X  
  Touring Handbook X   X  
  Benefits and services subject to change.
* Members are eligible to participate in program or may receive discounted rates.
  Additional fees apply. See appropriate section for more information.
** “Standard” coverage is included with membership. Additional coverage is available for additional cost.
  See appropriate section for details.
Must complete 10 or 25 consecutive years of membership.
^ Available to U.S. full and full life members only.

Membership Types

Whether you want to simply come along for the ride, take it year by year, or get in for the long haul, there’s a membership to match your passion.

Full Membership

H.O.G. Pin

Who’s it for? Owners of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles only. Just supply your VIN.

What’s in it for me? You get complete member benefits and services available from Harley Owners Group®. On top of the pin and patch, you’ll receive Standard Roadside Assistance (one-time coverage up to $100), access to exclusive H.O.G. events, five issues of HOG® magazine annually, the Touring Handbook, and more.

How much? $45 for one year, $85 for two years, or $120 for three years.

Note: A one-year full membership is automatically issued to anyone who purchases a new, unregistered Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

Associate Membership

Who’s it for? Designed for the passenger or family member of an active full member.

What’s in it for me? Associate members receive some – but not all – benefits that full members receive. This includes the H.O.G. card, pin and patch, and access to events and local chapters.

How much? $25 for one year, $45 for two years, or $65 for three years.

Life and Associate Life Memberships

Who’s it for? Full and associate members* who are ready to seriously commit.

What’s in it for me? Full and associate life members get all the benefits as defined by our full and associate membership options. Plus, the coveted life member patch and pin. And, of course, bragging rights.

How much? Prices vary. Give us a call at 1-800-CLUBHOG (1-800-258-2464).

*Associate member must have a sponsoring full life member.

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H.O.G. Benefits Chart
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