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Motorcycle Seats & Backrests

Comfort is king. Find the right seat and backrest for your bike.

Motorcycle Seats

Making sure that motorcycle seats are comfortable enough is something riders need to do personally. Making sure that the seats look great is pretty simple, though. To find the ideal motorcycle seats for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you have to go directly to the source.

More Options Than Ever

The options when looking for motorcycle seat accessories are growing exponentially. Bikers who don’t like to ride in extreme temperatures can find heated seats and even ones that both heat and cool. A tall biker concerned about getting enough support for a comfortable ride can find it here. And a Harley fan who wants to show some love for the brand can get an embossed H-D seatback.

Our wide variety of motorcycle seat parts, from seat covers to backrest pads lets bikers find seats and backrests to suit them for many rides to come. These additions are both quick and easy to attach to a Harley.

Comfort for Passengers

Some passengers may be new to motorcycling or feel a bit out of their element. When heading out for a long ride or planning some serious motorcycle travel with a companion on board, consider pairing backrests with a set of sissy bars for even more support. These come in a variety of colors and finishes, from flat black to satin black and chrome. All of them are easily detachable for solo rides in the future.

When adding a pillion seat, a backrest, or a pair of sissy bars for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, consider adding more storage to the back of the bike, too. An extra rider brings along more gear, so plan ahead and make room now.