Harley-Davidson Snow Bike

X Games

Harley-Davidson Takes
On Aspen

The freedom machine has been customized to be taken to extreme new levels. Watch the X Games and see the raw power of Harley-Davidson in action.

Street Rod Snow Bike

Customized Snow Bikes

Meet The Street Rod® For The Snow Apocalypse

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Roadster™ Snow Bike built by Harley-Davidson® Banska Bystrica for the 2016 Custom Kings Competition, Harley-Davidson has two new tricks up their sleeve. Working with SMCO, they've built two custom Street Rod Snow Bikes.
Street Rod Snow bike on the Snow

H-D Snow Hill Climb

Some Climb Mountains. We Ride Them.

For the first time in history, riders will race modified twin-cylinder motorcycles up the flat bottom of the SuperPipe course in a head-to-head testament of speed. After lining up side-by-side at the base, the riders will then race the entire length of the SuperPipe. The first that clears the finish line at the top takes the win.

Harley-Davidson Archives

Harley-Davidson® 101


Dive deeper into the grass-roots phenomenon known as Hill Climb. A motor sport derived from the pure passion of thrill seekers on two wheels.