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Ride 365

The miles you ride show your dedication to freedom and the open road. Ride 365 is the Official Milage Recognition Program for the Offical Riding Club of Harley-Davidson.

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RIDE 365 Journey Challenge

Stories of your road trips either on your own or with friends create memories you’ll share. After all, the journey is as good as the destination! The ABCs of Touring program has a new title: Ride 365 Journey Challenge. With this transition, gaining points is now simplified. Less is better: Here are the opportunities to earn points and win cool prizes by submitting your ride photos. Visit any worldwide Authorized Harley-Davidson® dealership, a H.O.G.® Check-In, a worldwide H.O.G. Rally (Stationary or Touring), the H-D Museum or other H-D Corporate facilities.

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Whether it’s an afternoon getaway or a transcontinental journey of a lifetime, every ride you take brings us closer together. Keep track of your lifetime mileage, because the miles count.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ride 365?

Ride 365 is The Official Mileage Recognition Program for The Official Riding Club of Harley-Davidson. Ride 365 includes the existing Lifetime Recognition and two new programs—Annual Recognition and an annual Chapter Challenge. We want to encourage you to focus on the reason you own H-D motorcycles—to ride them! 

What's in it for me as a H.O.G.® member?

  • Celebrate good times—log your miles and be recognized.
  • Track your riding experience—rack up miles and celebrate the milestones.
  • Contribute to your Chapter’s Challenge mileage goal—have fun as you strengthen your Chapter

How will my mileage be tracked?

You must have your odometer mileage validated at your H-D dealership at the beginning of the calendar year. After that, you can return to the dealer throughout the year to add to your total annual mileage. 

Can I enter mileage myself?

To maintain the integrity of the program, mileage must be read and entered at an authorized Harley-Davidson dealership.

Who is eligible to participate in Ride 365?

Any H.O.G.® member can and should participate! 

If I trade in a motocycle, can I keep the miles?

Yes. The miles ridden by you, belong to you. 

What if I have more than one bike? Can I register all of them in Ride 365?

Yes. You can register all of your bikes in the Ride 365 Mileage Program.

Can H.O.G.® members start the program at any time during the year?

Yes. You may check-in your mileage at any time during the year. The annual program recognizes miles ridden from January 1 through December 31, so it’s smart to check-in mileage at the beginning of the year

How many times each year do H.O.G.® members have to check-in their mileage?

You need only to have your odometer checked in two times each year at the dealership—the first time to validate miles on or after January 1, and the second time is for a final annual total on or before December 31. However, you’ll want to check in with your dealership frequently to enter your updated miles so you can earn digital badges and add to your annual and chapter totals throughout the year. Adding your mileage will instantly update the h-d.com/hog website and your chapter totals.

How will the Chapter Challenge be tracked, and what do we win?

There are two ways to win, giving all chapter sizes an opportunity to win:

  • Total chapter mileage
  • Average total miles per member 

All miles ridden by a chapter member including the miles ridden outside of official chapter events count towards the Chapter Challenge.

Each of the 6 Dealer Markets will have a total mileage winner and average miles per chapter member winner. Each of these (max. 12) chapters will receive a pizza party with a H.O.G.®
Regional Manager and a plaque detailing the accomplishment.

Of the 12 Market winners, there will be 1 National Champion for total mileage and 1 National Champion for average miles per chapter member. Each member of the National Champion chapters will receive a patch signifying the accomplishment.

At H.O.G.®’s discretion, we may add additional rewards for winning chapters. 

What are the individual levels, rewards and recognition offered in the Ride 365 program?

  • 1,000 miles: Digital badge
  • 2,500 miles: Digital badge
  • 5,000 miles: Digital badge & certificate
  • 7,500 miles: Digital badge & certificate
  • 10,000 miles: Digital badge, certificate & patch
  • 15,000 miles: Digital badge, certificate & patch
  • 20,000 miles: Digital badge, certificate & patch
  • 25,000 miles: Digital badge, certificate, patch & Challenge Coin
  • 50,000 miles: Digital badge, certificate, patch & Challenge Coin
  • 75,000 miles: Digital badge, certificate, patch & Challenge Coin
  • 100,000 miles: Digital badge, certificate, patch & Challenge Coin

Official Guidelines

1. You must enrol EACH motorcycle in the programme prior to accumulating miles/kilometers. Mileage accumulated prior to enrolment is not eligible for consideration.
2. Participation is offered exclusively to active H.O.G. members (full, full life, associate, and associate life members).
3. Programme covers only Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.
4. Members may enrol in the H.O.G. Mileage Recognition at any Harley-Davidson® dealer. Vehicle identification number and current mileage must be verified by a Harley-Davidson® dealer.
5. An additional H.O.G. Mileage Programme form must be submitted when a vehicle is sold/traded indicating the ending mileage reading for the old vehicle along with the vehicle identification number and starting mileage of the new vehicle.
6. Passengers are also welcome to participate in the H.O.G. Mileage Programme. The passenger must also be an active H.O.G. member, and enrolment in the programme must be completed by a Harley-Davidson® dealer
7. Those listed as a "passenger" on a form, but who are also "riders," may submit a separate enrolment form if they would like to accumulate miles as a "rider". However, mileage accumulated on one vehicle cannot be shared with another rider (i.e., the same mileage cannot be reported twice for two rider awards).
8. Harley-Davidson® Authorised Rentals mileage may be credited by submitting a copy of the contract mileage to a Harley-Davidson® dealer.
9. Each Mileage Programme form must document odometer readings and appropriate vehicle identification numbers for all vehicles used to accumulate required mileage for that particular mileage level. (Kilometers should be indicated for those motorcycles using a kilometer odometer.)
10. All enrolment forms must be endorsed by an authorised Harley-Davidson® dealer. Members should send their forms to the address listed on the form.