H.O.G.® Member Gallery (Canada)

HOG® Members' Gallery (Canada)


Tied the knot
We had a great time taking photos with our Harley® bikes after getting married last summer. Our honeymoon was a ride to Montana and Wyoming to conquer the Beartooth Pass. We rode it through rain and fog, even seeing some snow at the summit. Despite the weather, we had a great time and can’t wait to do it again!

Sharon Hayward and Kevin Walcer 
Medicine Hat, Alberta


Fabulous Las Vegas
In old Las Vegas during a 10-day trip with good friends (Serge and Jocelyne), where we hiked around Vegas to see the Valley of Fire, Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon and, of course, Vegas by motorbike.

Daniel and Christiane Gosselin
Upton, Quebec


Finding fun
Having fun with friends while waiting on construction on Hwy 118 E near Bracebridge, Ontario.  I started riding four years ago on a V-Star 650 but quickly moved to a Stryker 1300 and then last year to a Harley-Davidson® 2018 Street Glide®.

Gail Greenfield
Bracebridge, Ontario


Bad Boy views
While on vacation in Phoenix, Arizona, with my wife, we decided to snap a few photos of our 1995 Bad Boy Springer®

Justin Erixon
Kelvington, Saskatchewan


Passion project
It all started in 1953, when my Dad had his first Harley® motorcycle (in this picture he was 17 years old). He passed on his passion to my brother and me, and now it’s my turn to transfer my love and passion for Harley-Davidson to my son. My whole world is surrounded with H-D® stuff, from pictures on the wall in the house and garage to pretty much all my clothing, as well as my bike and car plates having the letters H-D on them. For me H-D is a way of life and my biggest passion. Nothing gets me happier than when I ride my bike. I have owned and ridden Harley bikes for the past 10 years and travelled over 125,000 kilometres.

Christian Cadieux
Orleans, Ontario


Concrete jungle
A ride to Concrete, Washington.

Ron Bazan
Chilliwack, B.C.


The crew
After almost four months of travelling through 19 U.S. states, my wife, Jan, and I (along with our dog, Gracie) finally rode US 129 – the Tail of the Dragon. We enjoyed each of the 318 curves over the 18-kilometre stretch so much that we did it a couple of times. 

Ken Webb
Chilliwack, B.C.


Cross country
I took a one-way ticket from Quebec City to Comox on Vancouver Island to purchase this 2007 Springer® Softail® Classic from a long-time brother I served with in the military. He could no longer ride after a service-related injury. After spending a few days on his boat out on the harbour reminiscing about the good ol’ days, it was time for my bro to let go of his beloved Springer, knowing I would take good care of her. We shook hands, parted ways and thus began my 6,000-kilometre trip back home – and what a trip it was! This photo is from the Fairmont Banff Springs.

Paul Cormier
Quebec City, Quebec


Moto lifer
I’ve been involved in motorsports for years. Way back, I rode mini-bikes, dirt bikes and street bikes. I was heavy into classic and muscle cars and did some drag racing back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. I thought for the longest time about getting my licence, and a couple of years ago I finally broke down and did it. The first bike I bought was a 2014 Sportster®. I outgrew that fast and bought a 2014 Fat Boy®. I love this bike and did a few trips last year, but due to fires and smoke, I was a little restricted. I am truly hoping to do more distance this year, and really looking forward to it.

Gary Gunderson
Calgary, Alberta


Man and his bike

Leonard Douglas
Kelowna, B.C.


Livin’ the dream
A long-time goal of mine was to own a Harley-Davidson®. When I turned 50, I said, “Why not?” and quickly went to our local Badlands H-D shop in Medicine Hat. I found the bike for me in the showroom, a 2011 Heritage Classic. That was eight years ago, and it is one of the best things I have done in my life – it’s the best stress reliever ever. I have been a HOG® member since 2011 and very much look forward to the magazines – I read them cover to cover. 

Dale Lloyd
Medicine Hat, Alberta


Memory machine
My wife, Julie, and I love touring together on our 2016 Tri Glide®. On this particular trip, we were on the way from Calgary to West Glacier, Montana, and stopped at this lovely spot to make a memory. 

Gerhard Bender
Calgary, Alberta


Worth collecting
This is my second Harley-Davidson®, a trade up from a 2014 Ultra Limited to a 2018 Ultra Limited. I hope it's not my last one.

Ronald Lussier
Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec


Electric energy
This photo with my wife, Mary, on our 2004 Electra Glide® Ultra Classic® was taken during a sharp bank turn on the Tail of the Dragon Route 129. The weather was perfect, with great anticipation in the air! The group spent five days visiting Memphis, Nashville and all parts in between.

Bill Forsyth
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Bucket list item, check
During the summer of 2018, my brother Mark and I decided to take the first of many bucket list rides. As he recently moved to Ontario, this was the first bike tour we took together. This photo was taken during an eight-day tour. We were honoured to have our good friends John and Tom along with us.

Pete Allanson
Toronto, Ontario


My turn to ride
I grew up riding on the back of my father’s Heritage Softail. Now here I am after turning 50. We rode from Windsor, Ontario, to the HOG® rally in Sudbury. Loved every minute!

Jackie Lively
Essex, Ontario