Forged in passion

For the master craftsmen at French brand 2 Saints, the worlds of motorcycles and artisan accessories have much in common

Frédéric Saint-Romain knew exactly how to combine his skills as an entrepreneur and his passion for silversmithing, along with his love of hard rock music and fine engineering.

These became the foundations of the 2 Saints brand, which produces artisan jewellery and accessories. Working alongside his brother, a passionate knife-maker, Frédéric has since continued to evolve and extend the range of products in the 2 Saints collection.

As the brand launches two new knife designs, we spoke to Frédéric to find out a little more about the process behind each creation, and how a love of Harley-Davidson influences his work.

Tell us a little about yourself and your work

2 Saints is a group of friends who were united by their love of music, automotive sports, outdoor living and good times. We decided to create the accessories that we had always dreamed of – unique and never seen before. Each 2 Saints creation is an original luxury piece with chiselled designs that allow the in-house designers to express their personality and their passion. All of our products are created and manufactured in our workshop in France, where our know-how and expertise ensures an exceptional finish to each creation.

What is most important to you about your work?

When I create a knife, I always begin by making a drawing. The most important element to consider is "customization." It’s essential to start off a creation by considering all of the parts of the knife that can be easily changed or adapted, in order to be able to offer our clients a unique finish that suits them best. Whether it’s for a one-of-a-kind knife created individually, or a small series of models, I always keep this underlying desire for perfection and beautiful workmanship in mind as I work on items in our workshop.

Can you talk us through the process that takes a piece of your work from idea to reality, and how you achieve your chosen end result?

Once the idea has been drawn out on paper, our 3D designers recreate it on the computer. Then, after making a wax model of the piece, we move on to the forge. We work with a multitude of different metals (bronze, silver, platinum, gold…). After the forge, we work on the details and the assembly of the pieces begins. Finally, the finish, which can be completely different from one knife to the next: varnish, patina, engraving of the blade, etc.

Our "El Napo" and "The Crow" knives are the perfect illustration of this versatility and potential for customization. The decoration of the handles, the metal, the style of blade – each is created according to the client’s wishes.

Our overall aim is to continue to develop the range of products we offer, offering custom finishes and materials, always with a focus on excellence.

How do you fit motorcycles and riding into your life as an artisan, and how does it integrate with your work?

As in any business, there are a huge number of things to manage and I cannot devote all of my time to creating. Riding my bike allows me to empty my mind. On the road, I also find a great deal of inspiration from taking in my surroundings: landscapes, objects, etc. When riding, you take more time to look around you, which isn’t necessarily the case in a car.

Why do you love to ride? What is it you like or appreciate about Harley-Davidson in particular?

Harley-Davidson is more than just a brand; it’s a way of life that unites people who may be very different, but who share a common passion. It’s the same for those who are part of the 2 Saints world.

The thing I like most about Harley-Davidson is something that links directly with my work: personalization. It’s the idea of starting with a commonplace object and making from that a completely unique work of art. It’s for this reason that we are a partner for Harley® events such as the Custom Bike Show.

What is the next step in your development as an artisan?

We like to develop partnerships in order to share and create products that are truly unique. For example, we have recently partnered with knife-maker Tashi Bharucha. The result of our collaboration was "The Sinner," a knife that brings together our different approaches to the craft. "The Sinner" perfectly embodies the 2 Saints style with its safety pin and its handle decoration. Each of its custom versions – a total of 16 will be created – will have a modified blade that has been assembled and adjusted by hand by Bharucha himself.

To keep up to date with the latest collections and view all 2 Saints products, visit 2Saints.paris