Miles or Kilometers, One Passion Unites Us All

H.O.G.® Mileage Recognition

Whether it’s an afternoon getaway or a transcontinental journey of a lifetime, every ride you take brings us all a little closer together. With H.O.G.®, you get rewarded for how far you go. We send you a pin and patch to start and reward you when you reach key milestones. Just for doing what you already love: Riding your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
  • Programme includes only Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.
  • All mileage checks must be completed by a Harley-Davidson® dealer.
  • IMPORTANT: If you own more than one Harley-Davidson motorcycle, each motorcycle must be enroled before the miles you ride on it may be included.
  • Harley-Davidson® Authorised Rentals mileage may be credited by submitting a copy of the contract mileage to a Harley-Davidson® dealer.

To get started, take your bike to an authorised H-D® dealership. The dealer will enrol you and your bike in the programme and validate your starting mileage. It’s that easy. 

Check-in with any Harley-Davidson dealer as you rack up the mileage to receive awards at the following intervals:


*Special medallions and rockers, suitable for placement on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, will be awarded.


Official Guidelines

  1. You must enrol EACH motorcycle in the programme prior to accumulating miles/kilometers. Mileage accumulated prior to enrolment is not eligible for consideration.
  2. Participation is offered exclusively to active H.O.G. members (full, full life, associate, and associate life members).
  3. Programme covers only Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.
  4. Members may enrol in the H.O.G. Mileage Recognition at any Harley-Davidson® dealer. Vehicle identification number and current mileage must be verified by a Harley-Davidson® dealer.
  5. An additional H.O.G. Mileage Programme form must be submitted when a vehicle is sold/traded indicating the ending mileage reading for the old vehicle along with the vehicle identification number and starting mileage of the new vehicle.
  6. Passengers are also welcome to participate in the H.O.G. Mileage Programme. The passenger must also be an active H.O.G. member, and enrolment in the programme must be completed by a Harley-Davidson® dealer
  7. Those listed as a "passenger" on a form, but who are also "riders," may submit a separate enrolment form if they would like to accumulate miles as a "rider". However, mileage accumulated on one vehicle cannot be shared with another rider (i.e., the same mileage cannot be reported twice for two rider awards).
  8. Harley-Davidson® Authorised Rentals mileage may be credited by submitting a copy of the contract mileage to a Harley-Davidson® dealer.
  9. Each Mileage Programme form must document odometer readings and appropriate vehicle identification numbers for all vehicles used to accumulate required mileage for that particular mileage level. (Kilometers should be indicated for those motorcycles using a kilometer odometer.)
  10. All enrolment forms must be endorsed by an authorised Harley-Davidson® dealer. Members should send their forms to the address listed on the form.