Hungry Bikers

Hungry Bikers crave adventure

Cruising and eating their way around Australia on their H-D® Ultra Limited, Sharon and Steve Shaw have become social media stars as The Hungry Bikers

Words: Kellie Buckley
Photos: The Hungry Bikers

It was their love of street art and eating out which initially gave Sharon and Steve Shaw the idea to launch The Hungry Bikers.

“Our daughter got us into street art and we were always riding around looking at it,” explains Sharon. “We’d eat out an awful lot and we were finding all of these great places, so we thought it might be fun to let other people know about them.”

Now on their second Harley-Davidson® Ultra Limited 107, the Hungry Bikers have travelled 140,000km in the last two years, eating and sight-seeing their way around the eastern half of Australia, documenting their travels and meals to a growing audience of social media followers. From hatted restaurants to remote roadhouses, and everything in between, for these two foodies, the goal is a simple and concise one.

“We want to see the world from the back of a Harley® and make the most of every day together,” says Sharon. “We did Route 66 two years ago, and next year we’re taking two months and doing a full lap of Australia.”

They’ve travelled to and eaten at far too many places to be able to pinpoint either a favourite road or favourite restaurant.

“We don’t chase a particular type of food – we like trying lots of different things and for us, we love doing big trips,” Sharon says. “Just setting off for days at a time and going to see places we haven’t seen.”

And for husband Steve, the bike makes all the difference: “We’ve ridden a lot of bikes over the years and the big touring Harley does it the best – whether it’s dirt roads, bumpy roads, straight roads, it’s perfect for the job.”

Sharon agrees, who says she’s quite content to sit on the back and take photos, saying she doesn’t have any inclination to get her licence.

“We just want to keep traveling now, we do it so easily on the Ultra. We love the top box on it – we can put our helmets in it when you go into restaurants – and we travel light.”

Grandparents to two girls and two boys girls aged between three and 10, there’s not many kids that can boast having grandparents who roam the world on a Harley-Davidson, let alone becoming social media personalities.

“I could never have imagined making a name for ourselves on social media,” says Sharon. “I’m just so stoked that Hungry Bikers is getting some traction. When we started, our goal was to get 100 likes, be recognised and maybe be given a free meal somewhere.

“Now we’ve got thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram, and we’re recognised everywhere we go – we’ve even had a couple of free meals [laughs]!”