Always ready for the road

There’s a range of windshields to fit every Harley-Davidson® model, but which one is right for you?

There’s nothing quite like hitting the road on your Harley®, fists to the wind…until you reach highway speeds, that is, and take the force of that wind full in the chest. Over a long journey the impact can cause fatigue and strain in your arms, neck and shoulders; and that’s not to mention the dead bugs, road grit and grime that you have to contend with coming your way.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution – the extensive range of windshields from Harley-Davidson®, which have been expertly developed to meet the needs of every rider. Shaped to divert air, rain and road debris around you, a windshield can add hours of comfort. What’s more, all H-D® models are made from scratch-resistant, hard-coated polycarbonate and feature stainless steel brackets and braces, ensuring long-lasting protection.

One of the most user-friendly elements of H-D windshields is that they are easy to install and are detachable without the need for tools. This means you can quickly install or remove them depending on where you’re heading, giving you the freedom to define your ride at the drop of a hat. You can travel cross-country protected from the elements, then quickly remove the windshield to hit the streets in style.

The comprehensive range of windshield styles and sizes available from Harley-Davidson® means there’s something for every rider, depending on what you are looking for. Here’s a overview of some of the options:

The Compact windshield is a traditional king-sized shape with a minimalist edge, providing wind and weather protection for everyday riding.

A Wind Splitter windshield is shaped for effective airflow management and standout styling. The sweeping design adds height over a traditional low-profile wind deflector in the centre where it counts.

A Touring windshield ensures comfort for long rides, with contours that divert the wind around the rider’s helmet and hands.

The Super Sport windshield retains that ‘wind-in-your-hair’ feeling, ideal for a cool morning ride to the office. The sleek profile hugs the front lamps for a sporty look.

The King Size windshield offers the ultimate in on-road protection, and is available in a variety of shield heights.

When considering your windshield selection, our top tip is to choose one that tops out just below your line of sight, to avoid looking through dead bugs, condensation and road grime. For further advice and to find the best windshield design for you and your Harley®, visit your nearest dealer or check out the latest Parts and Accessories catalogue.

*Please note: not all windshields are available for all models. Check with your local dealer for availability and compatibility