H.O.G. ABC's of Touring 2018 Winner Announced

Passionate Harley owner, David Jones, takes the H.O.G. ABC's of Touring crown for 2018.


(SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA) 29 May 2019: Thank you to everyone for your 2018 submissions into the H.O.G. ABC's of Touring. We would like to give a huge congratulations to David Jones, from the Canberra H.O.G. Chapter, ACT for taking out first prize. Mr Jones shared his story below.

"Ring Ring –
Gaz: Did you submit an entry for the 2018  ABC?
Paddles: Yes sir.
Gaz: Where do you think you ended up?
Paddles: Top ten?
Gaz: You did better than that, you won!
Paddles: Whaaaat?!!

Or something like that, because it all seems a blur once Gaz said “You won!”

First thing I thought of is I must thank some people straight away. Obvious first choice, my son Dean and wife Dorothy. Whilst not a rider, without her help and support I would never have achieved my goals (and she got to have some overseas holidays to boot so brownie points all round!).

Errol Raiser (past-CHOG). He complained Canberra was under represented in the 2016 ABC, sprang into action and Road Captained an overnighter to christen a bunch of us in the art of ABC photography and the fun of riding around with a great bunch of likeminded Hoggies looking for stuff.  I have also been challenged to continue and aim high by fellow CHOG Olaf Moon (a friendly, much enjoyed rivalry included).

Highlights of this past 12 months you ask?  Obviously stretching the boundaries to visit places I would not have otherwise had on my bucket list is tops, however, there’s more.  An impromptu 7 day ride to Queensland with Chopper (CHOG); 3200 miles in six days to cover five HD facilities,  museum and 10 US States; behind the scenes tour of the museum and Junea Ave (thanks to Cowboy (CHOG), Bill Rodencal HD Museum Archives and JT Hasley(USA HOG); spontaneous ride from Bendigo to the SA border and back because it was worth three points; the opportunity to meet lots of the HD Dealers around Australia, NZ and USA (when I managed to arrive while they were open); expanding my casino chip collection!

Meeting the dealership principles and staff was an unexpected pleasure. I bought my 2016 Ultra Limited new from Canberra Harley and they have faithfully maintained my trusty steed but meeting up with other dealers and chatting bikes, parts, accessories and local rides was terrific. I was reminded that you don’t buy a Harley because you like bikes; you buy a Harley because it is a family.

Lessons learned?  Stay Focused - I left my Touring Handbook cover and ABC papers on the side of the trike in Tomahawk, WI, USA (I allowed myself to be distracted looking at the display in the factory foyer) and rode off.  OOPS! A mile down the road at my next photo op and “Where’s my cover page!!!” Backtracked and found it had fallen off in the middle of the road and a car had run over the sleeve and spread my papers across the road; did I mention it was raining?  So there I was in the middle of the road, helmet on disrupting traffic trying to pick up my ride plan, cover sheet and ABC list from the puddles and gutters.  Thankfully all was recovered and I spent a few hours that night at the motel with a hair dryer!!

I could not have achieved my goals without some extra help of the Harley Davidson dealer network. A special hi to the staffs at Richardson’s HD, Launceston (TAS)  they work in an awesome log building with great museum display; Auckland HD (NZ), service orientated, very helpful with rentals (thanks Greg); Hidden Valley HD, Darwin (N.T.), laid back and friendly in the Territory and a great HOG Chapter (Thanks Kaz); Singapore HOG Director who gave up his public holiday to show me around (thanks Siddharth) it really is like a family with Harley Davidson.

Any regrets? No way!"


We would like to give an honourable mention to Michael Mason from Oz H.O.G. Chapter, VIC for taking out the second prize, and Edwin Davidson from the Northern Sydney H.O.G. Chapter, NSW for taking out the third prize.


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